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Disclose sexualized violence

Sexualized Violence Reporting Form

Please use this form if you have experienced sexualized violence and you would like to get support. This form will ask for your name and preferred method of contact.

  • A Student Support Coordinator will reach out to you within 72 hours
  • Your Support Coordinator will inform you about supports, resources, and reporting options and processes.  If you choose to access support, they will help you connect to services in a timely manner
  • Learn more about Student Support Coordinators 
  • By using this form, you are not submitting a report, and therefore not initiating a formal process under UFV’s policy on Sexualized Violence, however the Student Support Coordinator will provide options

If you do not wish to connect to a Support Coordinator at this time and are ready to make a formal report under this policy, please use the Incident Reporting Form.

Disclose sexualized violence

If you require emergency assistance, please call 911.  This form is not to be used in an emergency or during an event(s) presenting an immediate threat to the health or safety of yourself or any campus member. 

Students living in residence may also Campus Security in an emergency (to be connected with the Residence Manager on-call).

Disclosing refers to someone telling another person about their experience with sexualized violence.

Reporting means putting in a formal complaint against another person after an incident of sexualized violence.

Read UFV’s policy #236 on the Prevention, Education, and Response to Sexualized Violence for more information on its scope.


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