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Student Experience Office

Who we are

The Student Experience office is the heart of UFV.  We are a passionate team of staff and students working together to foster a vibrant and diverse campus community that enriches the experiences of all UFV students.

We commit to growing our understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion, and strive to create a positive and inclusive environment where all UFV students feel welcome and supported.

Our vision is to

  • empower students to create community on campus
  • facilitate diverse connection opportunities within and beyond UFV
  • create accessible online and in-person gathering spaces
  • provide equitable opportunities for students to develop their personal and professional skills
  • connect students to the tools and resources to shape their own university experience

Our mission is to 

  • put the student experience at the forefront of our programs
  • connect students to one another and the wider community
  • encourage students to shape their university experience
  • foster students’ personal and professional growth
  • create opportunities for students to discover their potential

Our programs

Student Experience office programs include: Clubs & Associations, Student Orientation, Get Involved UFV, and the Student Lounge and Kitchen.

Find out how you can be a part of the Student Experience team.

Students like you make these programs possible! This is your chance to grow your professional skills, and give back to your UFV student community.

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