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Customized Training for Organizations

Annual recertification

Please note - The SVP Train the Trainer workshops are unavailable at this time.

Quick facts

FORMAT: Online

COST: $175

Course description

Recertification for Lead Educators in Sexualized Violence Prevention is required annually. Recertification provides you with updated information on current research, literature and legislation related to sexualized violence, and resources, as well as revised course materials and activities.

Pre-requisites for recertification

  • Current Lead Educator certification within one year
  • One instance of the full delivery of the Sexualized Violence Prevention curriculum or training program within the year
  • Completion of a self-reflection assignment

Course outline

You can get recertified for one year with successful completion of the following criteria:

  • Completion of 100% of all online recertification course activities
  • Online quiz  
  • Facilitation video
  • Self-reflection assignment


All course components are evaluated against specific outcomes on a pass/fail basis.

Upon successful recertification, you are recertified for one year as a Lead Educator in Sexualized Violence Prevention, which allows you to teach Consent 101, Citizenship 101, and Support 101 without direct supervision and/or to train others at your institution or organization to deliver the workshops.