‌Welcome to the Agriburban Research Centre at the University of the Fraser Valley

The Agriburban Research Centre (ARC) is dedicated to the study of landscapes on the edge of major urban areas, with a focus on creating thriving agricultural regions within regional cities. ARC will draw on global examples to study intensive agriculture, residential and agricultural interactions, agrarian migration experiences, fringe development, agricultural/ecological interactions, and land use regimes. Created as a joint project between UFV Geography and UFV Agriculture, ARC is intended to be a centre for excellence in the area of the rural/urban fringe.


The Provincial Health Services Authority published a report, Agriculture’s Connection to Health: A Summary of the Evidence Relevant to British Columbia (April 2016), authored by Lisa Powell, Lenore Newman, and Melanie Kurrein. This report outlines the relationships between agriculture and human health, finding that availability of local foods and proximity to agricultural production does have positive impacts on human health, influences food choices, and helps enable healthy eating.

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