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Office of the Registrar


The Office of the Registrar provides course timetable information for academic courses in all semesters. 

Detailed course descriptions, course outlines and program requirements are available in the Academic Calendar. Visit Registration for registration instructions and to review important dates and deadlines for each semester.

Winter 2024 timetable

View the timetable of classes offered by selecting Browse Classes, or the Winter 2024 link below.

Browse Classes

Winter 2024 timetable
Changes to the Winter 2024 timetable

Note: Attendance at in-person final exams may be required for some online courses.

Non-Instructional Days - Reading Break: February 18-25 and March 29-April 1.  

Fall 2023 timetable

Fall 2023 timetable

Changes to the Fall 2023 timetable

Note: Attendance at in-person exams may be required for some online courses.

Non-Instructional Days - October 2 & 9 and Fall Reading Break: November 11-15. 

How to read a timetable

Class times

UFV uses the 24-hour clock to show class times. This means that classes that meet in the afternoon or evening are listed as 1300 (1 pm) to 2200 (10 pm). A class listed as 0830 meets at 8:30 am.

Days of the week
U Sunday
M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
S Saturday
Section numbers
AB Abbotsford
CH Chilliwack
ON Online Course
MI Mission
HO Hope
IS Independent Study
PR Practicum


Courses are offered on various campuses, and buildings are often identified by letters. The first letters of the building code indicate the campus, and the final character is the building (e.g., ABA means Abbotsford campus, building A; CEPA is Chilliwack campus, building A).

AB Abbotsford campus
CC Clearbrook Centre, Abbotsford
CEPT Canada Education Park Trades Centre, Chilliwack
CEP Chilliwack campus
HO Hope Centre
MI Mission campus
ONLINE Online Course

Instructional Methods

UFV has defined five different instructional methods, and course sections will declare a distinct instructional method is so students are fully aware of course expectations at the time of registration. To assist in course selection, students can query sections offered of a particular instructional method type by checking the Instructional Method field within myUFV’s online registration dashboard.

Instructional Methods
OLO Online Only. No Meeting times
OLM Online with Scheduled Meeting times
HYB Blended; A mix of in-person and on-line instruction
HYX Hyflex; Flexible Learning
TRD Face-to-Face Learning

*See here for expanded descriptions of each method applicable to the Winter 2024 semester.


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