Office of the Registrar

Rooms & Scheduling

Scheduling office

The Scheduling office is responsible for the production of the academic and final examination timetables as well as the creation of vocational and continuning education course sections. The Scheduling office also manages the Room Booking system, for UFV Meeting Schedule and ad-hoc meeting room requests. 

The Scheduling office works under the advisement of the Timetable Advisory Committee.

Course scheduling

Academic departments decide which courses are offered and at what time they will run. The Scheduling office creates sections and assigns rooms based on requests from the academic departments' heads. 

The UFV timetable (a list of sections that forms the course schedule for a given semester) is developed through a process that begins as early as a year in advance. 
Questions regarding this process can be sent to

Final exam scheduling

The Scheduling office determines the final exam schedule after approximately one-third of the semester has elapsed. 

At the start of each term, all faculty are provided with a link to an online final exam submission form. If an exam is required, faculty must complete the form within the first two weeks of classes. 

For all semesters, students and academic staff are expected to be available for the full set of sessional dates until the final exam schedule is published. 


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