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Office of the Registrar


Viewing your grades

Obtain your final grades for the current semester, as well as previous courses, grades, and test scores, through myUFV

Posting grades

  • Fall semester grades are available by early January. 
  • Winter semester grades are available by the end of April.
  • Summer semester grades are available by late August.

View UFV grading policy.

Appealing a grade

If you disagree with the grade you receive, you may appeal it. See the Academic Appeal Guide for details.

Grades on your permanent record

A course and accompanying grade may not be deleted from the permanent record, except as follows:

  • An instructor may change the grade of a student with the consent of the appropriate dean.
  • A late withdrawal may be granted in extenuating circumstances. If granted, a grade of “W” (Withdrawal) is assigned. See Course withdrawal 

Note: Although grades for all attempted courses remain on your permanent record, only the higher grade of a repeated course is calculated into your GPA.