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‌‌‌‌‌MyGRADplan can answer your questions about...

  • How many more classes do I need to graduate?

  • What if I change my major?

  • Which classes transferred with me when I came to UFV?

MyGRADplan is web-based and has been available through myUFV to advisors since Fall 2016 and is now available to undergraduate and graduate level students with a Calendar term of Fall 2010 or later. 

MyGRADplan provides students in undergraduate and graduate programs and their advisors with tools to plan and track their progress toward degree, diploma and certificate completion. The software integrates the course and program information in the Calendar with the students' academic history and displays completed and still needed requirements including:

  • Student and program information
  • Courses and requirements completed and fulfilled
  • Credits earned and still required
  • Student grades
  • Course exceptions
  • Course equivalents
  • Insufficient and repeated courses
  • Courses taken but not needed to graduate

Getting Started

How to use MyGRADplan

You can login to the myUFV portal using your usual credentials:

  • Locate the MyGRADplan card on the myUFV home page;
  • Click the "Go to MyGRADplan" link.";
  • Read through a short introduction to the software;
  • Click the "Access your personal MyGRADplan here!" link at the bottom of the page.

Download the MyGRADplan Student Guide to learn how to navigate and interpret your program audit.