Appeals, Academic Conduct and Misconduct

This site is intended to be used as a resource to provide students, faculty and staff with information about appeals, academic conduct, and the process with respect to allegations of student academic misconduct, as well as the related university policies.


Late withdrawal appeal

UFV's Course Withdrawal Policy (81) permits students to request an appeal for late withdrawal, if there extenuating circumstances beyond their control that affect their ability to complete a course. Appeals for late withdrawal are considered only after students have provided the required documentation and given detailed reasons. Students seeking to appeal should review the procedures and refer to the guidelines on refunds and withdrawal.

Academic standing appeals

UFV provides students the opportunity to appeal decisions that directly affect their academic standing. Students looking to appeal a Required to Withdraw or other academic standing decision should refer to the academic standing FAQs and refer to the instructions for appealing.

Final grade appeal

Students may appeal a final grade through a process established by the Final Grade Appeals Policy (217). The policy requires that students first discuss the matter with the course instructor. If the matter is not resolved at that level, a student may initiate an appeal by completing a final  grade appeal form and providing supporting documentation.

Academic misconduct appeal

Students who do not agree to the academic misconduct and/or resolution they have received may appeal the decision as outlined in the Student Academic Misconduct Policy (70).

Academic conduct and honesty

As members of the university community, students are expected to demonstrate appropriate academic conduct. They are responsible for their actions, whether acting alone or in a group. Academic integrity involves applying the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility to your academic studies, even in the face of challenges. Students seeking assistance in this area may utilize a range of resources available through the Academic Success Centre, UFV library, and more.

Allegations of violations of academic integrity, including cheating and plagiarism, are regulated by the Student Academic Misconduct Policy (70).  The policy has specific and formal steps that must be followed where academic misconduct is alleged. Students who have been accused of academic conduct should read Policy 70. If they have questions or require advice, they may contact the appeals assistant.

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