S'olh Shxwlèlí Siyaye Newsletter

S'olh Shxwlèlí continues to look for and gather ideas about communicating with communities, students, and prospective students. Since December 2005, we have published an online newsletter in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view). The newsletter is named S'olh Shxwlèlí Siyaye (Friends of Our Places). In it, we will discuss things from the life of being a student, important things to know about UFV (like programs or S'olh Shxwlèlí events), and just knowledge in general. Literature and internet resources from many fields of aboriginal and general study will also be featured.

S'olh Shxwlèlí hopes that, so far, the content of the newsletter has been enjoyed by many readers. However, ways to expand and improve the publication are always being sought. S'olh Shxwlèlí welcomes comments and suggestions for the newsletter and even articles or papers submitted for inclusion. Surely, the aboriginal community, other students and faculty/staff are interested in many, many of the things that students study here. A Metis, First Nations or other aborignal student might imagine hearing somebody they know saying right now "Don't be shy." Please e-mail arc@ufv.ca to submit comments, suggestions, or article submissions.

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Spring 2015

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