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Condensed University Block Experience

The U-CUBE Program could be the best decision you make to fast track your education and career goals!

Obtain three credits for a course in as little as 18 days. 

Beginning in May 2018, the College of Arts will be offering the U-CUBE program to all UFV students. Students can sign-up and take blocks of condensed courses in History 102 and Geography 130. Each block course will be scheduled Monday to Friday (3 hours per day) for up to 18 days total.

*Please note: THEA 101 and ENGL 108 blocks have been cancelled

Why take a condensed block course?

  • To focus on one class at a time resulting in a more immersive and intense learning experience.
  • To apply your skill sets easily without having to juggle multiple assignments in different courses.
  • To receive feedback quickly and use this to improve upon assignments.
  • To enjoy flexibility in how work and school are balanced over the semester.
  • To work on community projects, attend field trips, and engage in field-based learning.
  • To become an active learner by focusing on teamwork, creative and applied practice, and real-world problems.

How to Register

Register now for any of the following block courses through myUFV

  1. HIST 102 (July Block: June 27 – July 20)
  2. GEOG 130 (August Block: July 25 – August 17)

Don't know how to register? Visit UFV's registration page.

*Please note: THEA 101 and ENGL 108 blocks have been cancelled

*Registration opens in March 2018.

*A maximum of 25 students will be accepted into each block course.

Program Highlights

This summer’s U-CUBE courses share the theme of: Canadian Studies.

History 102 - Develop your understanding of post-Confederation Canadian history.

Geography 130: Canada - Cap off your semester with discussions on the current and future geographic shapes of Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students can sign up for all 4 block courses, but are strongly discouraged from signing up for non-block courses during the same weeks. Students should anticipate spending 5-6 hours per day in class and out of class on coursework, field trips, etc. during the block course.

However, students wishing to take short-semester courses (May-June, and July-August) can alternate these with block courses. For instance, a student can enrol in a May-June course and then in the July block (HIST 102) and/or the August (GEOG 130) block. Alternatively, they can complete a May block (THEA 101) and/or June (ENGL 108) block, and take a July-August course.

Students should not take block courses at the same time as a short-semester course. In other words, they should not enrol in a May-June course as well as a May block or June block.

Some courses will have field trip fees, but there are otherwise no special fees for taking courses in the U-CUBE program.

In most cases, yes, but all students who plan on applying for Financial Aid should first speak with Student Services to find out more.

The learning outcomes of the courses in the U-CUBE program are the same as for the courses offered in the regular semester.

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