Peer Tutors: Fall 2017



I am a fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Business Administration program, majoring in Human Resource Management (HRM) and minoring in Communications. I am an executive member of the UFV Yoga Club and I am also currently working as a Research Assistant

Business Administration*, Communications, and Writing
*First and second year required BBA courses, as well as upper level HRM courses


Andrew K.

I am a third-year Criminology major. I spent the last academic year as an English Language Assistant in Barcelona. I enjoy research and did a research project for my first Criminology practicum as a Junior Policy Analyst for the Government of BC. I speak English and Spanish.

Criminology, ESL, Korean (spoken), Spanish, and Writing.



I am a third-year Bachelor of Arts student pursing a major in Psychology. I am passionate about topics in Philosophy which causes me to regularly question if I know anything at all. Outside of my academics I enjoy bike rides, listening to podcasts,  and reading till 3AM.

English, Philosophy, Psychology, and Writing.



I am in my fourth year at UFV, majoring in English with a minor in Sociology. After obtaining my Bachelor of Arts degree, I plan on continuing my studies with a Masters program. I am passionate about helping others (I love to share study tips and strategies), and find structuring an essay to be a truly gratifying task. 

English, Media & Communications Studies, Philosophy*, and Sociology.
*First Year Only


Emily E.B.

I am a fourth-year student working towards a Bachelor of Arts with a Theatre major.  I have performed in many of UFV's productions, including Bakkhai, Romeo Initiative, and Argonautika.  I was also the music director for UFV's Twelfth Night.  After I graduate in the spring, I hope to work as a theatre director/actor and piano teacher.  Outside of university, I enjoy horseback riding, skiing, and helping animals.

English, Theatre, and Writing


Emily R.

I am a third-year student in the Bachelor of Kinesiology program with a minor in Biology. I am passionate about helping other students achieve their academic goals and am committed to the success of those I tutor. 

Biology, Kinesiology, Psychology, and Writing



I'm a fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Arts program, working towards a French major and a TESL certificate. My goal is to teach French and English as second languages. In my spare time I enjoy drawing, writing, and travelling. Feel free to stop by the Academic Success Centre if you have any questions! 

ESL, French, History, and Psychology.



This is my final year studying at UFV. I am currently working towards an Honours degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice. I have an interest in research, law, and policy. I am able to assist you with subject matter relating to Criminology, Sociology, first-year Psychology, Writing, and APA citation style. 

Criminology, *Psychology, Sociology, and Writing.
*First Year Only




I am a third year Bachelor of Arts student pursuing a degree in Psychology. I plan to continue my education with a Masters degree and am interested in eventually practicing therapy as well as conducting research. Outside of school I love reading, running and yoga. I am passionate about helping others reach their goals and would love to help you with your writing and APA citation.

English, Psychology, *Sociology, Writing.
*First Year Only



I am a third-year Bachelors of Science student with a major in Biology. I love volunteering and am an executive member of UFV Circle K club. Outside of school I enjoy playing soccer, photography and drawing. I am looking forward to meeting new people and helping others in academics. 

Biology, Chemistry*, Kinesiology*, and Writing
*First Year Only



I am a fifth-year Bachelor of Arts student, majoring in Psychology (currently completing the Honours program) and minoring in Philosophy. I am specifically interested in research methodology, applied statistics for the behavioural sciences, theoretical topics in psychology such as consciousness, and philosophical ethics.

Psychology, Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences, Philosophy, Criminology, and Communications.



I'm currently taking courses in the Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certificate program. Previously, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts from UFV with a major in English and a minor in History. I then graduated from SFU with a Master of Arts in English, while working as a teaching assistant. 

English, History, Writing (MA level)



I am a fourth-year Psychology major, with plans to pursue a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. I am interested in both research and therapeutic practice, which is driven by my passions for learning and helping others. I enjoy helping with how to write papers, study for exams, and conduct research projects.

Anthropology, English, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and Writing



I am a graduate from the Bachelor of Science program with a major in Biology. Eventually, I hope to become a Biomedical Illustrator. In my spare time, I like to draw, paint, and take photos. I also volunteer at the Safe Haven animal shelter in Chilliwack.

Biology, Chemistry, Photoshop, Psychology, and Writing.




I’ve been studying at UFV since 2012, and am majoring in Political Science and working towards certificates in French, Communications, and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). I enjoy research, meeting new people, and exploring new pathways, both literally and metaphorically. I spent the last year in France, where I enjoyed immersion in the culture and language while working as an au pair.

Communications*, Media and Communication Studies*, Political Science, and Writing
*First Year Only



I am second year student at UFV, majoring in CIS. I like to help others and look forward to sharing my knowledge and learn from other students as well. I love to Dance and volunteer as a performer at various events. 

CIS/COMP courses, Discrete Mathematics



I am entering my fourth-year in the Bachelor of Kinesiology program with a minor in Biology. I am an executive member of both the UFV Yoga Club and the Kinesiology Student Association. I volunteer for many amazing organizations and enjoy hiking, yoga, and travel. I am a WriteAway tutor and can help you when you submit your work online.




I am in the Bachelors of Computer Information Systems program and I am able to help you in all first and second-year CIS courses. I am at an intermediate level of experience with Java, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript software, and can also help you with Linux operating systems and Windows server. I enjoy programming, web development and big data analysis. I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you and assist you with your CIS courses.

CIS 145, 190, 192, 221, 245, 270, and 291
COMP 125, 150, 155, and 230



I am in my third year working towards a BA in English with a concentration in Creative writing and a minor in MACS. I was part of the Louden Singletree Board for the 2016-2017 issue, and have written several articles for the Cascade newspaper for 2 years. I enjoy reading, singing and writing. 

English, French, Journalism, Media and Communication Studies, and Music



I am a mature student in my second year, looking towards declaring a major in History, and planning to study abroad for a Master's degree. I also have interest and experience in English, Art History, and Anthropology. 

Anthropology, Art History, English, History




I can help you in English, Criminology Psychology, and Writing.



I am in my third year at UFV pursuing a degree in Global Development, with a minor in Sociology. After I graduate, I plan to continue my education with a Masters program. I love to learn and challenge myself, and I’m passionate about encouraging others as they do the same. My interests include reading, research, and drinking lots of coffee.

Anthropology, Business Administration*, Sociology, Spanish* and Writing
*First-year Only



I am a third-year Bachelor of Science student, majoring in Biology. I am interested in neurobiological research, specifically relating to neurotransmitter activity in the brain. Some of my hobbies include reading, hiking and rollerblading. I find it rewarding helping others and this semester I can assist you with first year Sociology, Anatomy and Psychology courses, as well as Biology. 

Biology, Kinesiology* (Anatomy), Psychology*, and Sociology
*First Year only



I am pursuing a Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems. I have C++, Java, Javascript and PHP experience from Programming and Web Development courses. I also have one-years experience working as a Teaching Assistant in Web Publishing (CIS -145). I am able to assist you with first year Programming, Networking and Web Publishing courses.

CIS 145, 192, and 245. COMP 150, 155, and 230
(C++, JAVA, SQL, GIT, PHP, and Javascript experience)



I am in my final year of the Bachelor of Science Program with a major in Biology and extended minor in Psychology. I enjoy tutoring students in many subject areas, and have six years of tutoring experience. I love research, learning, and the intricacies of science. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy playing acoustic guitar and watercolor painting.

Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics*, Pre-University Physics,
Psychology, and Writing.
*First Year Only


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