Return policy

The finalized textbook list for each semester is published two weeks before the first day of class. We recommend waiting until your first day of class before purchasing textbooks, your Instructor will verify the textbooks needed for the course at that time.

Please review our return deadlines below including our last day for refunds based on semester.

Returns must be:

  • Accompanied by original receipt.
  • Refunded on the same card as original purchase. Payment by cheque requires current student card for identification. Refunds may take up to 3-4 weeks to process. 
  • In mint condition and still in their original unopened shrinkwrap (i.e. Items bundled with an access code, loose leaf printing, manuals, videos, CDs/DVDs).
  • Before the deadline.
New books 14 days from date of purchase
Used books 7 days from date of purchase
Software 14 days from receipt date (unopened shrink-wrap)

Return dates:

Returns are not accepted after the following dates of the current semester:

Fall semester  September 30
Summer, First semester  May 24
Summer, Second semester  July 19
Winter semester  January 31

Final sales:

The following list are final sale items and are not eligible for return/refund: 

  • Goods which have the shrinkwrapped removed or opened. Due to website access codes, all shrinkwrapped texts cannot be returned if opened. 
  • Items with cracked spine or bent cover
  • Sale items
  • Opened software
  • Coursepacks
  • Novels
  • Single plays
  • Headphones
  • Lab coats
  • Calculators
  • E-textbooks & Access codes
  • Books considered a code or standard, including regulations and bulletins

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