Price Match Terms and Conditions

UFV Bookstore matches the price of our Canadian competitors. Price Match requests must meets the following requirements:

  1. Textbooks must have been purchased within 7 days of submitting a request for a price match.
  2. Compared resources must have exactly the same ISBN, author, title and edition.
  3. Resources must be sold and shipped by , Chapters Indigo, or by a Canadian university bookstore website only.  Items from the Amazon Marketplace or other third party sellers will not be price matched.
  4. Textbooks must be in-stock and immediately available for purchasing and shipping/delivery from our competitors.  
  5. UFV Bookstore will review price match requests within 7 days of submission. Competitor price and availabilty must be valid during this 7 days period.  
  6. Applicable sales tax and shipping costs will be included in calculating the total cost of the textbook(s).
  7. UFV Bookstore will only price match to our cost of the books.  UFV Bookstore reserves the right not to Price Match below our cost.
  8. There is a limit of one price match per customer, per textbook with the same ISBN.
  9. Used textbook purchases are excluded.
  10. Customers must provide their original purchase receipt to the UFV Bookstore. If a refund is provided, a new receipt will be issued.
  11. For international editions, instructor copies and digital versions are excluded from Price Match.
  12. Coursepacks are excluded.
  13. UFV Bookstore reserves the right to amend the details of this offer without notice, and to refuse a price match at any time.
  14. Price Match refunds must be processed in-store before the last day of the current semester.
  15. Questions? Contact UFV Bookstore at or 604-854-4535.

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