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Business Transformation Office

Career Mapping Project

 UFV’s CECE has launched an interactive Career Mapping tool!

This new tool is designed to help students explore future career paths. Using a student’s current educational trajectory and goals, UFV’s Career Mapping tool provides recommendations on career options available from various programs. It shows students occupations they are qualified for upon graduation and how they can continue to build on their education to expand their future career options.
The Career Mapping Tool is a unique service to the university, and it aligns with UFV’s mission of engaging learners, transforming lives, and building community.


As this tool is for students, students have been involved from design to deployment. A big thanks to Hacina Gill4th year Science student majoring in biochemistry for being on the design team and contributing student prospective.  Akash Sood, Arsalan Sadiq, Leandra Owen, and Sergio Gercia, MEDA and Graphic Design students participated in the SXD lab logo design hack-a-thon. Arsalan Sadiq, a recent graduate from the MEDA program, submitted the winning logo. He went on to produce the explainer career mapping explainer video.  The launch of the Career Mapping Tool is managed by 2 CO-OPs - Avneet Kaur2nd year Business student and Arfhad Shaikh, 4th year Computer Information System student working within the Business Transformation Office (BTO) as Project Leads for successful delivery of the project. 

Here is the link to access the tool -


UFV's new Career Mapping Tool is going to have such a profound impact on the future lives of Students. By providing direct links and information to the diverse opportunities associated with their post-secondary education, we can now gain a clearer understanding of where we can utilize our talents and education to further advance our professional aspirations while removing the stress of having no idea what to do after graduation. 

For all of the students who have an educational background that doesn't create an obvious career path (or even for those who do), this tool will be a game-changer for planning ahead and educating ourselves.

-       Jessica Levesque, President UFV SUS


This tool is very awesome and as a first year UFV student I can say that this website will be making a lot of people’s lives easier, including mine.

- Anonymous


As a first year UFV student I am very pleased with this tool, it will make my job search post grad ALOT easier!

– Anonymous



What’s happening as of May 27 – Career Mapping tool is now available to use for UFV students, faculty, staff and recent graduates. Social media promotion planned to go until first week of June.

The Career Mapping project was launched in June of 2020 and the tool is now available to use. A big thanks to everyone who contributed to the project in any form.


Project Sponsor

The Centre for Experiential and Career Education (CECE) is sponsoring the Career Mapping Project.

For more information about the Career Mapping tool and the project, please contact

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