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M365 for Students

Welcome to the M365 for Students project!

About the project:

Following the successful launch of MS Teams and Exchange Online for faculty and staff, Microsoft accounts were provided to students this spring, and student email was changed to Exchange Online/Outlook. Through making these services available, the M365 for Students project aims to provide a more robust set of tools to our students, enhancing their remote learning experiences and creating more collaborative opportunities.

How does this project impact me?

As part of the M365 project, students will be provided with a Microsoft account and license, resulting in a change to email and providing you with new tools. Head over to on May 2 to sign in to your account!

Student email change
Microsoft’s email platform, Exchange Online, is replacing Zimbra starting April 30. This change will result in a brief outage to student email from April 30 until May 2 at 8AM. Check out the Exchange Online webpage for more details. 

You will retain access to your Zimbra account until September 30, 2021. It is your responsibility to move any important emails from Zimbra to Exchange Online before September 30. Here are some tips on how to move your emails. 

OneDrive and Microsoft Productivity Suite
With your Microsoft account, you’ll have access to OneDrive and Microsoft Online Productivity Suite. Check out the OneDrive and Online Productivity Suite page for more information.

MS Teams
MS Teams is part of Microsoft’s Online Productivity Suite, and you will be able to use it for collaboration with your peers and to connect with faculty and advisors. It is very important to note that MS Teams is not intended to replace standardized communication channels. 

Check out the MS Teams page for more information.

MS Teams will be made available to students as part of this project. Faculty will have the option to request a Team created for a course, to be used as an additional collaboration platform.

Please note: MS Teams is not intended to replace Blackboard or any other standardized communication channels. 


Exchange Online will replace the current student email platform, Zimbra. Exchange Online is a more modern platform that is mobile friendly and provides enhanced cyber security and information protection. If you’ve used Microsoft’s email before ( or you’ll be fairly familiar with Exchange Online


MS Teams will be available for use, alongside Blackboard, to provide additional collaborative opportunities between students as well as between faculty and students.


OneDrive is currently being used by some students, however the information is stored in the US. As part of this project, these accounts will be disabled, and students will be given new accounts where their information is stored in Canada. 

  Microsoft’s Online Productivity Suite provides popular Microsoft applications in a web-based format.

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