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Building renewal project

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the Abbotsford Campus Building Renewal Project?

A: This project is designed to ensure the longevity of UFV’s buildings by replacing the worn exterior walls with specially-designed cladding. This new exterior will result in walls that are insulated, water-resistant, sturdy, and visually appealing.
• Provide a vast upgrade to the appearance of building exteriors
• provide more consistent heating and cooling management
• accommodate digital infrastructure upgrades for current and future technology requirements
• improve energy efficiency
• address ongoing moisture issues

Q: What will be the impact to staff and faculty?

A: Offices that are placed along the edges of the affected buildings will be temporarily relocated to designated temporary space. Any persons that are impacted will be informed in advance. Staff and faculty that remain in either of the affected buildings might be impacted by noise and/or weather, but these disturbances should be minimal.

Q: How long will this project take?

A: Work will be accomplished in phases to reduce the impact to faculty, staff, and students.
After site preparation, work will begin on Building A-East in Fall 2019 with expected completion by Fall 2020. Building D, which is larger and more complex, will follow in 2020 with timing and duration to be determined.

Q: Where will the affected classes go? How will they run?

A: Affected classes will be relocated to different classrooms. Starting in fall 2019, Building K will be used as temporary space for relocating classrooms and offices. Wherever possible, measures will be taken to renovate certain areas during slower periods in the academic cycle.

Q: This project will also take up parking spaces. Where are people supposed to park?

A: Portions of lots 7, 10b, and 12 will be used for contractor parking. The rest of the parking at UFV remains available for students, staff, and faculty to use as usual.

Q: What will happen to the spirit trees?

A: With consultation and ceremony directed by our Indigenous leaders, branches closest to the building were trimmed. The trees will be as minimally affected as possible.

Q: What will happen to the Tominaga memorial tree?

A: The memorial tree suffered extensive damage during the 2017 ice storm and has not recovered well. UFV will remove the tree as part of the project. The memorial tree will however be replaced once the contraction has been completed.

Q: Are the buildings safe despite the construction?

A: Yes, proper safety measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of all UFV students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

Q: What safety precautions are being taken?

A: Precautions include signage to direct traffic; barricades to avoid entry into construction areas; hoarding and polyurethane separation of work areas; and pressurized air to prevent dust and materials from entering the buildings.

Q: What will the impact be to classes that are located on the perimeters of the affected buildings?

A: Classes in the areas where work is being done will be moved elsewhere on campus.

Q: What will the impact be to classes that remain in the buildings where the work is being performed?

A: There may be some disturbance in the form of noise or vibration.

Q: Will weather affect the rooms that are still being used? What should students, staff, and faculty do about poor weather conditions?

A: Weather could impact the comfort of students, staff, and faculty in the affected areas. Precautions are in place to minimize this impact; however, all persons in these areas are encouraged to dress in layers and to be aware of current weather conditions.

Q: If my class is in Building K, will I be able to get there in time for my class?

A: Classes that take place in Building K will need to be scheduled just like all other classes at UFV. If you have time concerns, please talk to your advisor and/or professor.

Q: What happens to classes that use specialized rooms?

A: The rooms in Building K are being designed to accommodate multiple types of classrooms. Where the classroom cannot be duplicated, the project team will work closely with the affected departments to identify a solution.

Q: What happens to classes that take place in computer labs?

A: The computer labs in Building K can be used for the classes.

Q: How will this project impact the networking classroom (D250)?

A: We are working with the Computer Information Systems department to identify impacts to all the computer labs and identify mitigations.

Q: Will the Spirit Bear café be closed during renovation?

A: The Spirit Bear café will remain open; however, the seating area may be reduced for a short period of time.

Q: What steps are being taken to reduce noise disruption?

A: Hoarding is in place around all affected areas at UFV to reduce the impacts of noise, weather, and debris. Contractors have been asked to schedule quiet time during exam periods.

Q: To where will displaced faculty and staff be moved?

A: Faculty and staff will be moved to temporary relocation space that has been identified for this project.

Q: Where will furniture and personal items from affected offices be stored?

A: The personal items and furniture from affected offices will be moved into the temporary offices in Building K.

Q: Will this project improve the ability of the buildings to handle seismic events?

A: Yes, the remediation will ensure that the affected buildings are brought up to the current building code standards. This includes an increased ability to handle seismic events.

Q: Why is the landscape being affected when the project is working on the buildings?

A: Scaffolding will be placed around the building to enable the contractors to remove and replace the exterior of the buildings. Removing the vegetation provides a safe working environment for the workers in the area.

Q: Will UFV be replanting all of the removed vegetation?

A: A landscape architect will be engaged to help with the longer term vision for the campus, so landscaping work will continue over the course of the several years to achieve this vision.

Q: Will the work impact the research being done on salamanders?

A: UFV is working with the salamander research team to understand the impacts. We have been told that there will be no impact to the research. UFV is committed to protecting the fens during the construction work.

Q: Is the roof going to be redone?

A: The roof on Building A-East will not be done. The roof on Building D is in scope and will be re-done.

Q: Will the fume hoods need to be shut down during the roofing work?

A: Yes, the fume hoods will need to be shut down for a short period of time. UFV will work closely with faculty and contractors to ensure that fume hood shutdowns are scheduled and planned.

Q: What if the work takes longer than expected?

A: The remediation team will work diligently, but maintaining high standards is of the utmost priority. For up-to-date information regarding project progress, please look under the Updates tab.

Q: Will the furniture being removed be replaced?

A: The counter height table in the Spirit Bear café and the seating at the end of the corridors in A-East will be replaced after the construction is completed. Final measuring cannot be completed until after the window curtain has been replaced and the interior finishing is completed; therefore, it may take 12 weeks for the new furniture to arrive.

Q: When will the window blinds go back up?

A: The final measuring cannot be completed until after the window curtain has been replaced and the interior finishing is completed; therefore, it may take 8 weeks for new blinds to arrive and be installed.

Q: What happens if the contractors cause damage in areas outside of the renewal project area?

A: Deficiencies will be noted as the project is ongoing and the damage repaired.


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