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Fitness classes

Please be aware that our change rooms are currently under construction, washrooms are open for changing area. There are showers located with limited use in E169 and D234. 
The Summit Fitness Centre is now open Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm & Friday 8am-3pm, with capacity restrictions. Spring/Summer programs are now open for registration on

Spring/Summer drop-in Fitness starts May 17, 2022

Fitness classes are a great way to help you stay committed to your exercise goals. With a mixture of heart-pumping and zen-building options you will be left feeling happy and healthy. All Campus Recreation instructors are certified and highly experienced. 

We offer two types of Fitness classes:

  • Drop-in Fitness: These classes run throughout every semester and individuals can simply show up, scan your Campus Card, and join a class listed on the Drop-in Fitness schedule. It is recommended to sign-up on PerfectMind a head of time, so that in the event there is a schedule change we can let you know by email! See below for additional details.
  • Registered Classes: These classes will have a registration fee or a requirement to attend a series of classes. They are not offered as single drop-in programs. You can register for these classes through PerfectMind or in person at the Client Services Desk (E150).

Drop-in Fitness classes are included in the Student Peak Pass Membership. If you are not a UFV Student you will be required to purchase a Fitness Pass in order to attend Drop-in Fitness classes. There is an option to purchase a single day pass for drop-in fitness classes.

Drop-in fitness classes

Fitness classes run each semester.

Mind & Body

Self-Care Yoga
A mind-body practice that combines yoga postures, movements, and breathing techniques to help you reduce stress, increase your energy and an opportunity to take some "me" time.


Monday | May 30-July 18 | 12:10-12:50pm | E150 | Norine L

Wednesday | June 1-July 27 | 12:10-12:50pm | E150 | Norine L


Will resume in Fall | Black Box (A2106) 



Energize your mind and body as you take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party!


Tuesday | May 17 - June 21 | 12:10-12:50pm | E150 | Dwija D

Thursday |May 19-June 23 | 12:10-12:50pm | E150 | Dwija D

Tuesday | June 28-July 26 | 12:10-12:50pm | E150 | Tawyna C

Thursday | June 30-July 28 | 12:10-12:50pm | E150 | Tawyna C

Strength & Conditioning

Summit Circuit

This circuit style class will focus on building overall body strength, stability, and confidence in the Summit fitness centre. Exercises will incorporate multiple muscles groups with higher repetitions and rest intervals that will also help increase cardiovascular fitness.


Tuesday | May 31-July 26* | 11:30am-12:10pm | E150 | Tawyna C

*no class on June 21, 2022


Total Fitt

This total body workout is the perfect mixture of cardiovascular and bodyweight exercises that will help you improve your general fitness and well-being. Class is designed for individuals to work at their own pace. Recommended to bring water bottle and a towel.


Returning Fall 2022


Spin Class

This indoor cycling class is designed for all fitness levels! Classes focus on building muscle power and endurance on our exercise bicycles. Brief high intensity bursts will make you push past your anaerobic threshold and help improve power output scores. 


We are trying to bring Spin back this Spring/Summer, stay tuned!

Please be aware due to a lack of available instructors we still have a reduced fitness schedule. If you or someone you know is a certified fitness instructor, contact

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