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COVID-19 notice: UFV Athletics & Campus Recreation's response

Update: February 9, 2021

All in-person wellness & campus recreation facility, activities and programs are suspended until further notice as precautionary measures against COVID-19, this also includes all internal and external facility rentals.

Please check our virtural recreation page for opportunities to connect and stay active.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update our website as necessary.

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Fitness classes are a great way to help you stay committed to your exercise goals. Classes feature a mixture of heart-pumping and zen-building options that will leave you feeling happy and healthy. All Campus Recreation instructors are certified and highly experienced. 

Fitness classes are FREE for all UFV students

Your Wellness Pass allows access to fitness classes on both the Abbotsford and Chilliwack campuses.

Please also scan or present your UFV Campus Card and have your Wellness Pass available when you attend each fitness class so we can track class sizes.

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Class descriptions

Fitness classes run each semester. Start and end dates will be listed here

Mind & Body

Yoga 4 Self-Care
A mind-body practice that combines yoga postures, movements, and breathing techniques to help you reduce stress, increase your energy and an opportunity to take some "me" time.

Monday | 12:05-12:45pm | North Gym (E105) |Norine L

Wednesday | 1:10-1:50pm | North Gym (E105) | Norine L

Monday | 12:05-12:45pm | Black Box (A2106) | Christie W

Tuesday | 4:35-5:15pm |Black Box (A2106) | Alex W

Wednesday | 12:05-12:45pm |  Black Box (A2106) | Christie W


Yoga 4 Fitness
Series of postures - moving and static - will bring you strength, balance, and flexibility. A full-body workout as well as an alternative to stretching.

Wednesday | 4:35-5:15pm | B121 | Katrina O


Power Fusion
Combining Yoga and Pilates movements, as well as bodyweight exercises.

Thursday | 4:05-4:45pm | Black Box (A2106) | Heidi H


Dance Fit
A fun and exhilarating cardio workout using choreographed dance segments in an easy to follow format incorporating dance styles like Hip Hop, Funk, Afro-Jazz, Cuban, and Latin, etc! All levels, no dance experience required. **This class pairs nicely with the ABS class on Tuesdays.

Tuesday & Thursday | 11:40-12:20pm | Black Box (A2106) | Heidi H


Belly Dance

Based on authentic belly dance movement, but kicked up a notch for the purpose of a good ole-fashioned workout. Exposure of midrift is optional.

Tuesday | 12:05-12:45pm | North Gym (E105) | Nicci M


Energize your mind and body as you take "work" out of workout, by mixing low and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party!

Thursday | 12:05-12:45pm | North Gym (E105) | Myla B

Strength & Conditioning

30-min class that will use body weight exercises to activate and strengthen your core and glute muscles (other muscles may also be affected!) followed by an active stretch.

Tuesday | 12:25-12:50pm | Black Box (A2106) | Heidi H


High energy cardio class incorporating kickboxing and high intensity interval training. Suitable for all levels, no equipment required; towel and water bottle recommended.

Wednesday | 4:05-4:45pm | Black Box (A2106) | Heidi H


Pedals & Weights
Half the session will be pedaling on the bikes, working on your cardio; while the other half you'll perform body weight exercise and use a variety of equipment to work on your strength. Due to a limited number of bikes, participants are required to make a bike reservation before attending the class.

Tuesday & Thursday | 4:15-5:05pm | Cave (E176) | Marina H

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