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Community Health and Social Innovation (CHASI) Hub

Faculty Associates

Dr. Satwinder Bains

Associate Professor, Social, Cultural and Media Studies

email Satwinder

Dr. Sarah Beaulieu

Assistant Professor, Social, Cultural, & Media Studies

email Sarah

Dr. Shelley Canning

Associate Professor, Nursing (BSN) Program

email Shelley

Dr. Amber Gazso

Professor, Social, Cultural and Media Studies

email Amber

Dr. Kristina Gicas

Assistant Professor, Psychology

email Kristina

Dr. Luisa Giles

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

email Luisa

Dr. Lesley Jessiman

CHASI Research Associate, Research Fellow at Scotland's Rural College

email Lesley

Dr. Karun Karki, MA (Eng.), MA (Soc.), MSW, RSW

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work and Human Services

email Karun

Dr. Iris Lesser

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

email Iris

Dr. Shelley  Liebembuk

Director, School of Creative Arts

email Shelley

Dr. Mariano Mapili

Associate Professor, School of Land Use and Environmental Change

email Mariano

Alison Pritchard Orr, MSc

Associate Professor, Kinesiology

email Alison

Dr. Amir Shabani

Assistant Professor, School of Computing

email Amir

Dr. Katherine Watson

Professor Emeritus, Social, Cultural and Media Studies

email Katherine

Career and Learning for Life consortium

The Career and Learning for Life (CALL) consortium represents CHASI’s first dedicated research cluster of Faculty Associates. CALL recognizes the need for research to inform transformative social innovation in how we think structurally, economically, socially, culturally, and politically about equitable career learning and higher education’s role in preparing graduates for the rapidly, and often dramatically, changing world.

Learn more about CALL in the consortium's announcement.

Dr. Michael Batu

Assistant Professor, Economics

email Michael

Dr. Candy Ho

Assistant Professor, Arts and Integrated Studies

email Candy

Dr. Linda Pardy

Associate Dean of Students, College of Arts

email Linda

Dr. Michael Maschek

Associate Professor, Economics

email Michael

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