Minor in Communication

Put Your Career in High Gear

The Communication minor will be valuable to you regardless of which career you choose; effective communications skills will give you that edge you're looking for.

Curriculum and Program Content

Program Structure and Length

The requirements of the minor are designed to be met within a four-year Baccalaureate program. The Communication Minor will provide 24-28 credits towards the 120 credit minimum required for a UFV Baccalaureate degree, the balance to come from the declared major, plus electives. Of these credits, 12-16 will come from upper-level CMNS courses.

Declaration of Minor

Students may formally declare minors only after they have completed at least thirty credits in their program with a minimum of a 2.00 CGPA on all credits attempted, provided that they have also met the declaration requirements of the subject discipline. Formal declaration is completed by appointment with an Arts advisor.

Core and Prerequisite Courses

Lower-Level Courses

  • CMNS 125: Introduction to Workplace Communication
  • CMNS 235: Public Speaking
  • CMNS 251: Professional Report Writing
  • Plus one additonal lower-level CMNS course

Upper-Level Courses

One of:

  • CMNS 325: Writing for the Sciences and Technologies
  • CMNS 351: Professional Formal Research Report Writing
  • CMNS 360: Advocacy Writing
  • CMNS 465: Grant and Proposal Writing

One of:

  • CMNS 412: Communications Practicum
  • CMNS 430: Communication for Project Management
  • CMNS 490: Directed Studies in Communication

Plus three additonal upper-level CMNS courses

For more information check the UFV Calendar or contact Jennifer Browne, Department Assistant at 604-557-4093 or jennifer.browne@ufv.ca.


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