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Gain the skills you need to perform well and achieve your career goals with the Career Readiness Co-Curriculum Path. Participants who complete the Career Readiness Path will develop the skills most critical to workforce success

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What is Career Readiness?

Career Readiness is the attainment and demonstration of requisite competencies that broadly prepare graduates for a successful transition into the workplace.

In a recent survey, 400 Canadian employers were asked what graduates lack. The top 5 were as follows:

  1. Interpersonal or people skills: 51% 
  2. Problem-solving skills: 45%
  3. Teamwork: 41% 
  4. Oral communication: 40% 
  5. Creative thinking: 38%

The Path has been created with two levels:

Level One - Foundational

Foundational skills are the fundamental, portable skills that are essential to conveying and receiving information that is critical to training and workplace success. These skills are fundamental in that they serve as a basis—the foundation—for supporting additional operations/tasks and learning.

Level Two - Applied

Applied skills are the technical and employability skills that allow you to be career-ready for workplace success. When partnered with fundamental skills, students have a much higher rate of success.

We believe completion of the Career Readiness Path will have graduates better prepared for the workplace.

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I love that UFV offers a Co-Curricular Record. I’m building my record so that I have a competitive edge when I apply for grad schools/employment after I graduate. I’ll have an official document that makes my application stand out from the rest. Getting recognized encourages me to get involved outside of class time. Meeting so many wonderful people and developing my skills while earning recognition is an added bonus.

  • – Raveena W.
  •    UFV Political Science student

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