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Pruning Workshop

Cost: $99

This six-hour hands-on workshop covers basic pruning techniques applicable to a wide variety of plant material. Participants work on different trees, ornamental shrubs, and a fruit tree to learn to make proper cuts. Dress for the weather and bring your own pruners, such as secateurs or loppers.

Abbotsford campus

Feb 9 | 20031, 1 session, Sat, 10 am–4 pm

Phone 1-888-823-8734 to register
Introduction to Beekeeping

Cost: $495

Bees are an integral part of our environment and play a key role in B.C.'s agricultural industry. This 30-hour course offers an introduction to beekeeping management, bee biology and behaviour, crop pollination, and bee disease and pest management. The class includes lab time to help you learn how to identify and control diseases. In addition, a field visit provides you with hands-on experience. The course also provides insight into other types of bees, including bumble bees and solitary bees. Reference materials are provided. No previous experience required.

Abbotsford — Aerospace Centre

Mar 12-Apr 4 | 20219, 8 session, Tue & Thu, 6:30-9:30 pm
(Additional 2 sessions, Sat, Apr 13 and 27, 9 am-12 pm)

Phone 1-888-823-8734 to register
Chickens on a Hobby Farm

Cost: $99

Chickens are easy to care for, make excellent pets, eat bugs, and can provide you with a steady supply of fresh eggs. Master the essentials of chicken care, including knowing about breeds, hatching and growing baby chicks, designing a coop, choosing the best feed, and protecting your flock against predators. This class is the ultimate guide to keeping chickens for pet lovers, hobby farm owners, and suburban farmers alike.

Chilliwack campus — Canada Education Park

Apr 20 | 20218, 1 session, Sat, 8:30 am-12:30 pm

Phone 1-888-823-8734 to register
Goat Handling

Cost: $99

Domestic goats not only make wonderful pets, but they can also be a source of income for hobby farmers and homesteaders. Learn all about breeds, behaviour, feed and nutrition, hoof trimming and dehorning, first aid, deworming, breeding, kit care, and milking. This information-packed workshop can help you avoid costly mistakes and confidently raise healthy goats for pleasure or profit.

Chilliwack campus — Canada Education Park

May 25 | 40162, 1 session, Sat, 10:00 am–2:00 pm

Phone 1-888-823-8734 to register
Introduction to Mushrooms — NEW

Cost: $245
Prerequisite: None

Identify wild mushrooms of the south coast of B.C. with experienced mycologist Dr. Sharmin Gamiet. Work through the dichotomous keys that are frequently used in mushroom identification and review a list of references used to identify mushrooms. Develop a solid understanding of the differences between choice, delectable, and poisonous mushrooms. A list of references used to identify mushrooms is provided. Purchase David Aurora’s Mushroom Demystified from the UFV Bookstore in Chilliwack. This introductory course is an excellent foundation for those pursuing careers in eco-tourism, culinary arts, wild crafting and ecology. A field trip is included to get first-hand experience. Date and time will be determined in class, based on weather conditions.

Chilliwack —Trades and Technology Centre

Fall 2019 | dates to be announced in June 2019

Pesticide Applicators Certificate — General

Cost: $549

Learn the laws and bylaws that regulate the use of pesticides and prepare to write the Provincial Pesticide Applicator’s Certification exam for landscape general. Exam is written on the last day of classes. Purchase one of the following sets of books for the first day of class from the UFV Chilliwack Bookstore (select set which corresponds with the preferred exam stream: Agriculture, Landscape, or Greenhouse):

  • Canadian Pesticide Education Program Applicator Core Manual, British Columbia
  • Landscape Applicator Certification Manual - 2017 Edition
  • Pesticide Applicator Course For Agriculture Producers including "Studey Notes On the BC Crop Production Guides"

Please call 604.847.5602 to specify if you will be taking the Agrculutre or Landscape

Chilliwack campus — Canada Education Park

Apr 15-20 | 20033, 4 sessions, Mon, Wed, Thur, 6-9 pm, Sat 9 am–3:30 pm

 Jun 3-8 | 40282, 4 sessions, Mon, Wed, Fri, 6-9 pm, Sat 9 am–3:30 pm

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