COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information and resources

Steps for area supervisors

UFV is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, staff and faculty will continue to work primarily from home where and when possible.

If a department is considering bringing employees and/or students back to any campus, the department must complete the steps below, under the guidance of the Area Supervisor. Area Supervisors include deans, associate deans, directors, managers, and others working in a supervisory capacity.

Return to Campus planning guide

If you require a staff member to return to campus you must:


Obtain approval

Obtain approval from your Senior Administrator to begin the process of returning staff, faculty, and/or students to campus.


Review the COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan

The UFV Exposure Control Plan (ECP) is a general plan that applies to all UFV operations, and will provide information that will help you complete the other steps in this plan.

View the Exposure Control Plan »


Conduct a Risk Assessment

Use the UFV COVID-19 Risk Assessment template to complete a risk assessment of the workspace where employees will be returning.

If you have any questions about the risk assessment please contact Risk & Safety at

Download the risk assessment template »


Develop a COVID-19 Workspace Safety Plan

Consult with your employees to create a Workspace Safety Plan that aligns with the Risk Assessment you just completed in Step 3.

As area supervisor, you will be responsible for implementing the Workspace Safety Plan recommendations.

Download the Workspace Safety Plan template »


Submit COVID-19 Workspace Safety Plan for approval

Once you have completed the Workspace Safety Plan your Senior Administrator will submit it as a package for review to UFV Risk & Safety at

This package should include:

  • The UFV COVID-19 Risk Assessment
  • The UFV COVID-19 Workspace Safety Plan
  • The proposed return to campus date

The Risk & Safety office will review the request package and provide comment if needed. The request package and comments will be forwarded to the appropriate area Vice-President for final approval.


Complete COVID-19 Safety Orientation

Once you have received approval from UFV Risk & Safety, ensure that employees complete the UFV COVID-19 Safety Orientation, which provides an overview of the Exposure Control Plan and general safe work procedures.

Your employee will receive a certificate after completing the Orientation and must forward a copy to you as their area supervisor.

In addition, you must review the UFV COVID-19 Workspace Safety Plan for your area with all employees returning to campus.

Record keeping
Records should be maintained in each area for employee orientation and training. These records must be made available upon request.

To access the Safety Orientation:

  • Log into MyClass using your employee ID number and your UFV email password
  • Click on the 'Courses' tab, then search for 'COVID'
  • Choose the employee orientation and click on +Enroll on the far left

Go to MyClass 


If you have difficulty accessing the training, see the Safety orientation for employees how-to guide.


Ensure Oversight and Compliance

As area supervisor, you also need to:

  • Make your Worskpace Safety Plan available. For example, post to your network drive and/or post a hardcopy in your workspace.
  • Ensure that those in your workspace are complying with the protocols your Workspace Safety Plan has established, and inspect your workspace regularly.


Download a printable version of the Safe Return to Campus Plan

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Downloadable documents to help in planning for a safe return to campus.

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COVID-19 Safety Orientation

Access the COVID-19 Employee Safety Orientation in MyClass

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