COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information and resources

UFV's Safety Response

At UFV, the health and safety of students, employees, and faculty are paramount. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our communities, UFV is striving to find ways to control or eliminate exposure to the virus across our campuses. We are doing this by putting into place proper risk controls, establishing safe work and learning practices, and providing education and training for all members of the UFV community.

We encourage all members of the UFV community to become familiar with the Safety Response and Return to Campus plans provided, and to stay up-to-date during this evolving health situation.

Staying safe at UFV

Risk & Safety has developed a series of plans and guidelines to keep the UFV community healthy.

COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan

Guidance and information for protecting all members of UFV’s community from exposure to COVID-19.

UFV COVID-19 Institutional Safety Plan

Specific safety measures and protocols that apply to all common campus spaces and facilities.

Resources & templates

Central collection of Safety Response documents, safety plans, templates, and resources in use at UFV.

Return to Campus process

UFV is making plans for a gradual return to campus that reduces health risks for all. Every campus service or department will work through the following steps before returning to their campus area:

  1.   Seek approval from senior administrator
  2.   Review the COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan
  3.   Conduct a UFV risk assessment
  4.   Develop a UFV COVID-19 Workspace Safety Plan
  5.   Submit the Workspace Safety Plan to Risk & Safety for approval
  6.   Complete the COVID-19 Safety Orientation module
  7.   Ensure oversight and compliance

A step-by-step guide is available to assist area supervisors in completing this process.

Steps for area supervisors


More information & assistance

If you need more information about UFV's Safe Return to Campus planning, please contact the Risk & Safety team.

Phone: 1-604-557-5319

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