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Candace  Couse

Candace  Couse , MFA, Ph.D Candidate

Assistant Professor in Foundations, Drawing and Painting.

Creative Arts

, C1402b

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Candace Couse earned an MFA from The University of Calgary (2010). In 2020, she will defend her research-based Ph.D. dissertation within the Interdisciplinary Humanities Doctoral Program at Brock University. Her dissertation examines how autobiographically produced images of illness can become a site for challenging the universal ideal body present not just in social understandings of “health,” but in critical thinking itself, asking: in what way is the methodology of the art experience a useful tool for medicine? This research was supported by The Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship Program from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Couse has taught in Alberta, Ontario and France. 

As a 2012 finalist and prize winner from The Premio Arte Laguna, an international competition organized by the Cultural Association MoCA and Art Laguna, Couse’s work was exhibited at the Institute Romeno of Culture and Humanistic Research in Venice, Italy. Other highlights of Couse’s professional art practice include: Finalist, Kingston Prize, 2013; Artfunkl Residency Prize, Manchester, UK (2013);  Iaab residency Prize, Basel, Switzerland (2012); Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF) 2013 Winner: Special Jury Prize; Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF) Selection (2012);  Ottawa International Animation Festival Showcase Selection (2012); She has had the honour of writing and directing a short film with The National Film Board of Canada, titled Sick/Malade, and has shown across Canada, the USA, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Trinidad, Pakistan, Nepal, and India.


MFA, University of Calgary, Ph.D. Candidate, Brock University. 




I)  Chapters in books


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II)  Books including critiques about Candace Couse’s artistic production using images


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III) Catalogue essays written about Candace Couse’s artistic production including images


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IV) Catalogue essays written by Candace Couse


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V) Journal and Magazine articles and features written about works by Candace Couse including images


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