Welcome to the Child, Youth and Family Studies Department at UFV

We share a common passion for the well being of children, youth, families and communities striving to bring this passion into the classroom. Each program offers courses designed to prepare students to work with a specific population.

We offer a variety of certificate, diploma and degree options in the following areas:

  1. Certificate of Early Childhood Education   
  2. Diploma in Special Needs
  3. Diploma in Infancy 
  4. Bachelor of Arts Degree in Child and Youth Care    (BACYC)
  5. Graduate Certificate in Child Life and Community Health (GCCLCH)

Check out Rooted in Your Community to see what one group of students did to capture the essence of our work in communities.

Career opportunities span a range of field settings and areas of practice, including:

  • Child care
  • Preschool
  • Infant/toddler care
  • Special needs support
  • Residential
  • Schools
  • Hospital programs
  • Youth justice
  • Parent education
  • Family support services
  • Recreation
  • Community-based
  • Youth and family counselling
  • Early intervention mental health
  • Child protection
  • Drug and alcohol
  • Advocacy
  • Child Life

To ensure we maintain close links to the professional community, our department is supported by an External Advisory Committee that reflects the diverse areas of practice in the field.  In addition, our faculty are closely involved with collaborative community activities. It is anticipated that as the needs of practitioners in the field change, and regions endeavor to provide services in new ways, the CYFS department will be responsive to those needs.  Our departmental background experience in curriculum development and research will enhance the potential for new and exciting courses and programs, and post-graduate courses will be explored to keep pace with this expanding field. 

The faculty in CYFS come from a variety of disciplines including:  child and youth care; education; school counselling; psychology; and counselling. We are a strong team with varied experience and world views merged together to bring a multitude of expertise to the study of CYC.

Mission Statement


At the heart of the Child, Youth, and Family Studies Department is the belief that infants, children, youth and families are significant and need the opportunity to grow and develop optimally. We hope to share that vision with all our stakeholders.


Our mission is to educate and prepare students to work with infants, children, youth and families by promoting professionalism, highest standards of practice, and awareness of current trends and issues regarding work in the field.


We do this by:

  • Using educationally current instructional methodologies
  • Inclusiveness to support people of all abilities, cultures and beliefs
  • Being learner centered and facilitating learner success
  • Encouraging lifelong professional development through research and scholarly activity
  • Building and maintaining solid relationship with educational and community partners.
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