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Frequently asked questions


You may already work in a child or youth care field, but feel you can do so much more with your career. You have ideas and much to offer and would like a more challenging role. Or perhaps you’re just starting out in your career and know you want to work in child and youth care administration. UFV’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Child and Youth Care (CYC) can take you to the next step in your career.

How will UFV prepare me for my career?

Child and youth care is an expanding field. It crosses a range of work settings and areas of practice including residential/group home programs, regular and alternative school programs, daycare and early childhood programs, child life/hospital-based programs, youth justice/probation/young offender programs, special needs foster care, parent/counsellor resources, child and youth mental health, child protection services, community services, and early intervention and child development centres.

Practitioners, supervisors, managers, and trainers in these programs bring a diverse set of backgrounds and credentials to their positions. Increasingly, an undergraduate degree is required by employers as a qualification for the best career opportunities in the child and youth care field. With a background in the field and goals of going into supervision or management, this next level of education will be a good investment on your part.

Why UFV?

We know you’re a busy person. This program is tailored to part-time students and those already in the workforce, with core course offerings scheduled in the evenings. If you’re a full-time student, you can take your electives during the day.

What do I need to get in?

You can enter the CYC program after completing six credits in first-year English or communications or you can complete them during your first year. You need to have a minimum average grade of C+ in the English courses. You will be asked to participate in an orientation session with CYC faculty in the Spring. It is helpful to have paid or volunteer experience with children and/or adolescents. Along with your application, you will be required to submit a letter that outlines your past experience and career objectives, include a resume and two reference letters. And also you will need to complete a questionnaire.   

If you are transferring from another post-secondary institution, we require sealed copies of your academic transcript, diploma and/or certificate. As you will be working with children and teens, it is strongly recommended that you have a current first aid certificate and updated Rubella and TB clearance.

When should I apply?

Admission to the CYC degree program is on a competitive basis and meeting the minimal requirements does not guarantee you’ll get in. If you plan to start your studies in September, applications should be received starting October 1st the prior year. Applications are accept right up until August 1st.

I’m interested. What do I do now?

Apply right away. Check out the UFV Academic Calendar. Be sure to review the section about our CYC degree program carefully and then apply online.

Program Outline

Please see UFV Academic Calendar for program course description/outline.

How much will it cost? Can I afford to take this program?

It’s best to consult the Fees and Other Costs section of the UFV Academic Calendar. It’s also worth a visit to the UFV Financial Aid and Awards office, which facilitates the disbursement each year of federal and provincial student loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships, and awards to UFV students. 

I’m not sure that this program is for me. Can I speak with someone about my options?

Absolutely. We want to hear from you! If you have specific questions about the Child and Youth Care degree contact the UFV Child, Youth, and Family Studies Department at advising@ufv.ca. If you’re unsure of your direction, call 604-504-7441 to arrange a tour, attend a "Becoming a Student" info session, connect with an educational advisor, or arrange for career counselling. ‌

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