Early Childhood Education diploma

Please note: The UFV Early Childhood Education diploma streams into two specialities - Infancy and Special Needs.

Looking to take the next step in your ECE career?

UFV offers a one year ECE Diploma program as the next laddering step.     Check with the Department email:  cyfsinfo@ufv.ca  for the next intake.

Qualify for a promotion or a raise

Earn your ECE diploma with a specialty in either special needs or infancy (under three) to open new opportunities in the workplace and increase your promotion potential.

The program is offered part-time during the afternoons or evenings. You get to complete two courses per semester. Here's the schedule:

  • Fall: Sept - Dec:  ECE 213, ECE 224
  • Winter: Jan - April :  ECE 223 and ECE 269
  • Spring/Sum: May - June:  ECE 282, ECE 243

When you graduate you can apply to the Provincial Licensing Board to register.


Phone: 604-854-4580
Email: cyfsinfo@ufv.ca


Frequently Asked Questions

Why study Early Childhood Education (ECE)?

The first five years of a child’s life are the most formative and highly important to their development. The needs of preschool children, which once received little attention from educators and society, have now become a top priority. If you’ve always loved kids and think a career working with young children is ideal for you, this field can be a fun way to earn a living.

What type of career can I expect?

Your career in ECE will give you a chance to fill a meaningful and fulfilling role in society. Your job prospects after completing this program are excellent. More than 90 per cent of our graduates find work in daycare, parent cooperative preschools, nursery schools, special needs centres, the public school system, and infant/toddler centres. Recent shifts in society mean the childhood education field is growing, and new centres for the care of children less than three years old have led to an increase in infant and toddler care jobs. There are also career options with community service organizations, the Ministry for Children and Family Development, hospitals, the public school system, parks and recreation departments, and many private sector possibilities.

Why study at UFV?

As a UFV student, you can complete the ECE program part-time. You can earn your ECE diploma with a choice of two specialty options that cover special needs and infancy. Diploma courses can be taken in the afternoon and evenings (except for the practicum) over a year. As a graduate of the diploma program, you can then “ladder” into UFV’s Child and Youth Care bachelor’s degree program, if desired.

The provincial publication Competencies in Early Childhood Education is available in the UFV bookstore and library and is recommended reading if you’re thinking of taking this program. Our ECE program meets the licensing requirements of the Provincial Community Care Facilities Licensing Board and is based on the provincial curriculum.

What do I need to get in?

To study in this program,  You must have successfully completed the ECE certificate in order to apply for the diploma.

To complete practicum, you must also be able to provide your own transportation to field sites.    Please review the UFV calendar to find out how.  You can also contact the department assistant.

Anything else I need to know?

As you will eventually be working with young children, it is strongly recommended that you have a current first aid certificate and updated Rubella and TB clearance. A criminal record check is mandatory before you begin your practicum.

I’m interested. What should I do next?

Check out UFV’s academic calendar. Be sure to review the section about our ECE programs carefully and then apply online. The application fee is $45, if you are a new student at UFV. 

What's the course schedule?

If you’re completing the ECE certificate, UFV offers a four-semester part-time program at both the Abbotsford and Chilliwack campuses. Intakes are in September. You might want to complete CMNS 125/ENG 105 and HSER 120 before entering the program, or take these courses in your first two semesters or Summer semester.

If you are laddering into the diploma, courses are offered part-time during the afternoons or evenings. You get to complete two courses per semester. Here's the schedule:

  • Summer: May-June, 2 courses
  • Fall: Sept-Dec, 2 courses
  • Winter: Jan-Apr, 2 courses

Specialized areas

As part of the diploma, you take advanced courses in more specialized areas. Two ECE program options — Infancy and Special Needs — share common core courses. Completion of the core and one set of specialty courses will lead to certification as a special needs or infancy supervisor. 

How much will it cost?

For exact tuition fees, view the UFV academic calendar. You should be prepared to spend about $800 each semester on books and supplies. It’s a good idea to visit UFV’s Financial Aid and Awards office for information about student loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships awarded to UFV students annually.

When should I apply?

You should find out when the diploma program starts.   Normally applications for this program starts October 1st for the following Fall.

Apply right away to secure your seat.


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