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Famous People with Economics Degrees

Business Leaders

Ted Turner - CNN, Atlanta Braves/Hawks (Brown)

Warren Buffett - Financier (Columbia School of Business, Master's in Economics)

Richard Trumka - President of United Mine Workers (Penn State)

Steve Ballmer - CEO, Microsoft (Harvard)

Esther Dyson - Silicon Valley software pioneer (Harvard)

Diane von Furstenberg - Fashion Designer (University of Geneva)

Scott McNealy - CEO, Sun Microsystems (Harvard)

Meg Whitman - CEO, Ebay Technologies (Princeton)

William Harrison, Jr. - CEO, JP Morgan Chase (UNC-Chapel Hill)

John Sweeny - President, AFL-CIO (Iona College)

Kenneth Lay - Former CEO of Enron (University of Houston, PhD)

Sam Walton - Founder, Wal-Mart (University of Missouri)

Masayoshi Son - Founder and CEO, Softbank Capital (Cal Berkeley)

Henry Kravis - Business financier, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (Claremont McKenna College)

Robert Diamond - CEO, Barclays Capital (Colby College)

Politicians and Policymakers

George H. W. Bush - Former US President (Yale)

Ronald Reagan - Former US President (Eureka College)

Gerald Ford - Former US President (University of Michigan)

Donald Trump - Real Estate/TV Mogul/US President (University of Pennsylvania--Wharton)

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Body Builder/Actor/ former Governor of California (University of Wisconsin)

Phil Gramm US Senator (University of Georgia, PhD)

Stephen Harper - Former Prime Minister of Canada (University of Calgary)

Li, Keqiang - Premier of China (Peking University, PhD)

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo - Former Philippines President (Assumption College)

Manmohan Singh - Prime Minister of India (Oxford University, Ph.D.)

Ernesto Zedillo - Former President of Mexico (Yale University, Ph.D.)

Carlos Salinas de Gortari - Former President of Mexico (Harvard University, Ph.D.)

Janez Drnovsek - Prime Minister of Slovenia (University of Maribor, Ph.D.)

Ruud Lubbers - Former Prime Minister of The Netherlands (Netherlands School of Economics)

Anatoly Chubais - Former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia (St. Petersburg Institute, Ph.D.)

Leszek Balcerowicz - President of the National Bank of Poland (Warsaw School of Economics, Ph.D.)

Abdullah Gül - Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey (Istanbul University, Ph.D.)

Duck-Woo Nam - Former Prime Minister of South Korea (Oklahoma State University, Ph.D.)

Kofi Annan - Secretary General of the United Nations (Macalester College)

Yuliya Tymoshenko - Prime Minister of Ukraine (Dnipropetrovs'k State University, Ph.D.)

Viktor Yuschenko - President of Ukraine (Ternopil Financial and Economic Institute, Ph.D.)

Geir H. Haarde - Prime Minister of Iceland (Brandeis University)

Martin Torrijos - President of Panama (Texas A&M)

David Emerson - Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister (University of Alberta; Queen's University, PhD)

Georgia Neese Clark - First woman Treasurer of the United States (Washburn University)

Dick Armey - US Congressman (University of Oklahoma, PhD)

Jim Bunning - US Congressman/Hall of Fame Baseballer (Xavier)

George Schultz - Former US Secretary of State (Princeton; MIT Ph.D)

Barbara Boxer - US Senator (Brooklyn College)

John Snow - US Secretary of Treasury (University of Virginia, PhD)

Robert McNamara - Former U.S. Secretary of Defense (University of California--Berkeley)

Tom Lantos - U.S. Congressman (University of Washington-Seattle; Cal-Berkeley, PhD)

Tim Kaine - Governor of Virginia (University of Missouri)

Roy Romer - Governor of Colorado (Colorado State; Ag Econ)

Alan Greenspan - Former chair (13th) of Federal Reserved Board (New York University, MA)

Ben Bernanke - Former chair (14th)of Federal Reserved Board (Harvard and MIT, PhD)

Janet Yellen - 15th Chair of Federal Reserved Board (Yale, PhD)

Mark Carney - Governor of the Bank of England, former Governor of the Bank of Canada (St Peter’s College, Oxford, DPhil)

Athletes and Sports Figures

John Elway - NFL quarterback (Stanford)

Bernie Kosar - NFL quarterback (University of Miami)

Bill Belichick - NFL Head Coach for the Patriots (Wesleyan University)

Mike Mussin - MLB Pitcher (Stanford)

Merlin Olson - Actor/Former NFL player (Utah State University)

Lenny Wilkens - NBA Coach/Hall of Famer (Providence College)

Tiger Woods - Golfer (Stanford, declared major)

Jeremy Lin - NBA player (Harvard)

Peter Vidmar - Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast (UCLA)

Jennifer Azzi - WNBA guard Utah Starzz (Stanford)

James Blake - Pro Tennis Player (Harvard, declared major)

Austin Carr - Former NBA player (Notre Dame)

Billy Kidd - Professional Skier (University of Colorado)

Billy Packer - Sports Broadcaster (Wake Forest)

Roger Goodell - NFL Commissioner (Washington and Jefferson)

Todd Dunivant - MLS player (Stanford)

Roger Levesque - MLS player (Stanford)

Brendan Morrison - NHL player (University of Michigan)

Marvin Miller - Former MLB Players Association Executive Director (NYU)

Bruce Bennett - Olympic athlete and actor (University of Washington)

Dave Elmendorf - Former NFL player (Texas A&M)

Musicians & Actors

Mick Jagger - Rolling Stones (London School of Economics, declared major)

Mario Van Peebles - Actor/Director (Columbia)

Young M.C. - Singer (University of Southern California)

Lionel Richie - Singer/Songwriter (Tuskegee University)

Alex Keaton - TV sitcom character (the mythical Leland College)

Ray Manzarek - Musician; The Doors (DePaul University)

Josiah "Jed" Bartlett - Fictional US President on NBC's West Wing (Notre Dame, PhD)

Danny Glover - Actor (University of San Francisco)

Robert Prosky - Actor (Temple)

Peter Gallagher - Actor (Tufts)

George Wendt - Actor (Rockhurst College)

Gene Kelly - Actor/Dancer (University of Pittsburgh)

Cate Blanchett - Actress (Melbourne University)

Ben Stein - Actor/political speechwriter (Columbia University)

Benjamin McKenzie - Actor (University of Virginia)

Bob Barker - TV Game Show host (Drury College)

Lara Dutta - Miss Universe 2000 and actress (Bombay University)

David Hartman - Actor (Duke University)

Paul Guilfoyle - Actor (Yale)

Other Professionals

Col. Eileen Collins - NASA Shuttle Commander (Syracuse University)

General Anthony Zinni - U.S. Marine Corps General (Ret.) (Villanova)

Philip Austin - President of University of Connecticut (Michigan State, Ph.D.)

Steve Fossett - Aviation pioneer (Stanford)

Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander - First black woman to be awarded a Ph.D.in the United States (University of Pennsylvania, PhD)

William F. Buckley - Journalist (Yale)

Scott Adams - Cartoonist, creator of Dilbert (Hartwick College)

William Gottlieb - Photo-journalist (Lehigh University)

Millard Fuller - Founder of Habitat for Humanity (Auburn University)

John Safer - Sculptor (George Washington University)

Crandall Addington - Professional poker player (Southwestern University)

Charles Osgood - Journalist (Fordham University)

John Boyd - US Airforce fighter pilot and military strategist (University of Iowa)

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