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Abbotsford campus, Chilliwack campus at CEP



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The Engineering Transfer program provides you with a supportive environment where you can achieve the highest grades possible before transferring to UBC with a minimum CGPA of 3.1, or UVic with a minimum CGPA of 2.33, to complete your degree in Engineering.

You spend the first year of an Engineering degree at UFV, covering topics such as linear algebra, structured programming, and mechanics. You then complete your degree at UBC or UVic, where you are guaranteed a seat upon transfer, or at another university. Once transferred, you join other second-year students in competition for entry into the engineering specialties, such as Mechanical, Electrical or Chemical.

While the program is based on the Abbotsford campus, the core science courses are also available in Chilliwack.

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Transfer options

UFV has formal agreements with both UBC and UVic to guarantee you a seamless transition to these institutions, subject to you meeting all the requirements. You can also transfer from UFV to other engineering schools, but no formal agreements are in place to expedite the transfer.

UBC competitive entry

This option allows you to adapt your time at UFV to your specific requirements. You can either transfer after one year at UFV and complete four years at UBC. Or you can complete two years at UFV and three years at UBC.

UBC Engineering transfer

This is a fast track to getting an Engineering degree at UBC in only four years. It is only suitable if you are academically strong and can devote all your time to your studies. In return for completing extra work in the first year, UBC grants admission to the faculty (but not to the specialties) with a slightly lower GPA*. UFV sets aside a schedule and reserves seats for the students attempting this difficult path.

UVic Engineering transfer

UVic offers some of the most popular engineering specialties, including some not offered at UBC. After consideration a large portion of our students choose to complete their Engineering degrees at UVic.

Other Options

Other options include transfering to a Wood Science degree or completing a Bachelor of Science in Physics, Math, or Computer Information Systems at UFV.

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* Note: the transfer options described above refer to admission to UBC’s Faculty of Applied Science or UVic’s Faculty of Engineering. Once admitted, there is another competition for specialty (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, etc.). Admitted students are ranked according to GPA and are assigned to their specialty according to their stated preferences and their overall GPA. If a specialty fills with higher GPA students before a lower-ranked student comes up, then that lower-ranked student will be put into their second or third choice of specialty.


A recent study by Statistics Canada that followed the lives of 15,166 Canadians over a 20-year period found that engineering was one of the most reliable fields to achieve high earnings throughout a lifetime.

While career outcomes may vary depending on the specialty you select, a recent report by Engineers Canada notes that there are not enough engineering graduates to fill positions vacated by senior engineers entering retirement.

Employment for engineers often develops in sectors of the economy that are experiencing growth. Specialties such as green engineering, software engineering, biomedical engineering, and nano-engineering are emerging as lucrative fields with excellent growth potential.


View entrance requirements in the UFV Academic Calendar.


This program is open to international students


Students who do not meet the entrance requirements can upgrade in order to meet prerequisites for university classes.

Make an appointment with a Upgrading and University Preparation advisor to discuss your upgrading needs.


Phone: 604-864-4674
Toll free: 1-888-504-7441, ext. 4674
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Head shot for student reviews

The UFV Mechatronics program was the perfect way for me to gain the hands on skill necessary to handle the design and detail work necessary for engineering. The instructors of the program personally invested to encourage me in pushing myself to complete large projects and set ambitious goals, which prepared me for continuing into further education and research.

Josha Ho—1st Year MSc Student, University of Saskatchewan

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