Kelty and Riley Dennehy Memorial Endowment Leadership Award

Kelty and Riley Dennehy were not the best students, but they were good students. They were not the best athletes, but they were good athletes...most importantly they were two children who had warm kind gentle hearts that wanted to give back and make a difference so that they could help others. It is the family's wish that the recipient reflect what Kelty and Riley were like and understand and want to make a difference for those that suffer from mental illness.

AMOUNT: Varies (Value of the award will fluctuate each year based on the endowment amount)

AVAILABLE TO: A UFV student who is in good academic standing and has demonstrated excellence in a range of non-academic fields, such as community service, student leadership, volunteerism, and athletic or artistic performance. It is the family's wish to have the recipient understand and make a difference for those that suffer from mental illness. This could be accomplished by speaking out and taking actions to remove the stigma of mental illness. Therefore, volunteerism at any of the many organizations that deal directly with this cause such as the BC Crisis Centre, BC Moods Disorder, Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre, or Creative other ways may also be included. Recipients must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

HOW TO APPLY: Leadership Award Application form is available on-line at MyUFV. Log into MyUFV, click on Student Information, click on Student Services, the the tab for Financial Aid.


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