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Future Students

Parents & supporters

University is a huge step, and students rely on support from family and friends to adjust and thrive. If you’re wondering how you can help, this page is for you.

Come for a visit or parent orientation

Book a campus tour to learn about the programs and services available to your UFV student. Or, attend a supporters & parents orientation session, held in late spring or early summer.

Learn university lingo

Major, minor, elective, co-operative? A lot of new terminology comes with having a student in university for the first time. Don’t worry: we’ve created a glossary.

Budget for tuition fees

A typical undergraduate student taking a full course load at UFV can expect to pay about $4,970 in tuition over two semesters. Consult our Academic Calendar to view current fees and other costs.

For financial aid, students can apply for scholarships, bursaries, and loans. Visit UFV’s Surfing for Dollars page for more information. 

Parental contribution is one factor in the student loan assessment process. You can use the Government of Canada parental contribution calculator to better understand how student loan amounts are determined.

Reassure yourself about security

UFV Safety and Security is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for everyone. Campus Security patrols the campus regularly and offers a SafeWalk service from 9 am to 10:30 pm, Monday through Friday. We also have dedicated after-dark parking areas for women.

Note important dates

You may want to know when your student will need some extra support (like during exams) or has a holiday coming up. Check out important semester dates, and don’t forget to mark convocation (a.k.a. graduation) on your calendar.

Pre-load a campus card

Send your student off with money pre-loaded on a secure campus card. It’s a meal plan and a campus debit card. Students can even use it to buy their textbooks.

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