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Fall 2020

Global Development Studies

GDS 100: A World of Development

GDS 250: Sociology of Development - The Global South

GDS 299C: Special Topics - Humanitarian Emergencies & Ai

An anthropological lens is used to examine the complex causes and impacts of humanitarian emergencies, humanitarian aid responses, and humanitarian aid actors.  A wide range of intersecting factors and events (natural and man-made) can give rise to humanitarian conflicts, crises, and emergencies.  Equally, humanitarian aid encompasses a wide range of issues, actions, and challenges.  Some of the impacts and manifestations of humanitarian emergencies that will be explored include forced migration and internal displacement, genocide, ethnic conflict, gender-based violence, and growing poverty and inequality. 

An anthropological perspective is also used to critically examine humanitarian aid and assistance.  Ethnographies of aid and aid actors (international and local NGOs, United Nations organizations, and the state) will be explored.  Students will engage with case studies of recent complex humanitarian emergencies and humanitarian aid responses such as South Sudan, Darfur, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh, and Haiti.  Finally, the course explores the development challenges faced by ‘post-conflict’ countries.

GDS 363: Processes of Development and Underdevelopment: Latin America

GDS 400: Global Development Seminar


GDS 310: Canada Internship

GDS 311: International Internship


BUS 100: Introduction to Business

BUS 204: Management of Non-Profit Organizations


CMNS 125: Communicating Professionally to Academic and Workplace Audiences

CMNS 180: Introduction to Intercultural Communication

CMNS 212: Introduction to Media and Public Relations

CMNS 251: Professional Report Writing


CRIM 220: Research Methods in Criminology

CRIM 320: Quantitative Research Techniques


ECON 100: Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 101: Principles of Macroeconomics


ENGL 105: Academic Writing


GEOG 240: World Regional Geography

GEOG 252: Explanation in Geography: Quantitative Methods

Latin American Studies

LAS 200: Social Issues in Latin America

Modern Languages

FREN: French

GERM: German

HALQ: Halq'emeylem

JAPN: Japanese

MAND: Mandarin

PUNJ: Punjabi

SPAN: Spanish

RUSS: Russian

Political Studies

POSC 230: Comparative Politics

POSC 260: International Relations and Global Politics

POSC 360: The United Nations and International Organizations

POSC 368: Global Issues and Canadian Foreign Policy


PSYC 110: Applied Statistical Analysis in Psychology


STAT 104: Introductory Statistics

STAT 106: Statistics I


SOC 255: Introduction to Social Research

SOC 355: Quantitative Research Methods

Social Work

SOWK 380: Social Work and Community Development



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