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General Studies is the path of choice for anyone who wishes to pursue interdisciplinary studies or needs flexibility to incorporate transfer credits or non-traditional learning into a degree.


As a General Studies student, you can customize your own educational experience: you can focus your studies on one or two areas or complete courses from many areas to reap the educational benefits that come from interdisciplinary learning.


The General Studies program allows you to build on previous learning and transfer credits from certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees from accredited community colleges or universities. You can even include credits from vocational training such as a trade. You may also challenge a course and obtain credit for non-traditional learning and work experience.

The General Studies program is ideal if you wish to:

  • Acquire a broad educational background
  • Transfer to UFV from another institution
  • Change your educational or career focus partway through your degree
  • Pursue studies outside of UFV’s prescribed majors
  • Get credits for your professional training and experience
  • Pursue interdisciplinary studies
  • Combine minors
  • Intend to become an elementary school teacher
  • Receive pilot training and earn a Bachelor’s degree

General Studies Diploma

The General Studies Diploma can serve as your interdisciplinary introduction to university studies. The two-year (60-credit) program allows you to customize your program of study by choosing from a wide range of courses  to select those that match your interests or goals.

Bachelor degree in General Studies

A Bachelor degree in General Studies (BGS) offers you the flexibility to customize your learning experience and earn an undergraduate degree tailored to your personal and career interests.

It is an excellent option if you want to pursue interdisciplinary studies, combine minors, or change your educational focus partway through your degree. You can also include credits earned while completing a certificate or diploma at UFV or elsewhere.

General option

The general option allows you to earn a degree by including courses that satisfy the breadth requirements, plus 45 credits of upper-level courses, plus electives to obtain the 120 credit minimum.

Thematic option

The thematic option allows you to create your own interdisciplinary program of study that centers around a theme (for example, aboriginal studies, explorations of aging, gender studies, international development, language and culture studies, social policy, or advertising).

The thematic option allows you to build your own program plan in an area where majors and minors are not offered. The thematic option requires that you submit a thematic option proposal.


You can incorporate a minor into your Bachelor of General Studies program. A minor is a collection of 7 to 12 courses in an area that interests you. Depending on your goals, you may even wish to include two minors.

Aviation option

A thematic option exists for Aviation students interested in completing the Bachelor of General Studies and receiving the Professional Pilot Training — Fixed Wing thematic option designation. Bachelor of General Studies Aviation students complete training for the commercial pilot license and at least one of the advanced options: heavy jet or professional flight instructor.

Co-operative education

As part of your BIS program, you can combine academic studies with paid work terms in a career-related field through UFV’s co-op education program.  Not only do you get to earn money and develop contacts, you also graduate with a degree and relevant work experience in a field of interest.

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