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General option, thematic option, minor, aviation, coop

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January, May, September Fall 2017

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  • Co-op semester(s) provide paid work experience in your field of study
  • As an General Studies student, you can fully customize your own educational experience to fit your goals
  • You may be able to count vocational credits, transfer credits, or professional training towards your degree
  • Program eligible for financial aid


What would an ideal degree look like in 2030? What kind of program should you choose in order to be competitive in the workforce?

In its new format (in effect Fall 2017), the Bachelor of General Studies remains the most customizable degree program at UFV, but with some extra kick to prepare you for 2030.

The ‘new’ BGS puts a much greater emphasis on:

  • Developing core competencies needed for citizenship and employment
  • Applied and professional experiences
  • Direct entry into the program
  • Customized and individualized learning planning
  • Using portfolios to demonstrate core competencies and learning outcomes
  • Continued ease of transfer into the program from other programs and institutions
  • Greater opportunities to complete Thematic Options
  • Career and graduate school transitions planning

Students in the revised Bachelor of General Studies program will still be able to utilize transfer credits, cooperative education experiences, and courses from many different fields within their degree.

Students who started their BGS studies before Fall 2017

If you started your studies in the Bachelor of General Studies program before Fall 2017, and would like more information on how recent changes to the program will affect you, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

Years 1 and 2 (0-60 credits) (Direct Entry or Early Transfer)

In the first year or two, you complete courses and experiences that demonstrate that you have met most or all of the core competencies requirements. Having completed certain applied technology and professional programs may serve to meet multiple competencies at once. For instance, successful completion of UFV’s Electronics Core or Aviation Diploma program means that a student has met the Science and Digital competencies and part of the Numeracy requirement.

You may also begin working toward your Applied and Professional Experience requirement, either by joining Cooperative Education, completing relevant professional or volunteer hours, planning for a study tour or study abroad, completing 60 hours of relevant Co-Curricular Record Experience, or other experience. You may also apply completion of professional certificate programs relevant to your learning goals to meet this requirement.

By the end of their second year of study, you will complete your Entrance Plan (for students entering the program through direct entry) and your Customized Learning Plan (CLP). If you are transferring to the Bachelor of General Studies from other programs and institutions will complete their CLP at the time that they enter.

Minors: If you are planning to complete a minor as part of your Bachelor of General Studies, you should also work to complete the lower-level requirements of the minor within your first 60 credits.

Aviation: If you are completing an Aviation program with your Bachelor of General Studies, you will also complete most requirements for the Aviation diploma within these first two years.

Years 3 and 4 (61-120 credits)

Within the final two years of study, you work to meet any remaining competency requirements. If they have not yet completed their Applied and Professional Experiences requirement, you will do so within your third (60-90 credits) or fourth year (90-120 credits) of study.

All Bachelor of General Studies students who enter in Fall 2017 or later have to complete two portfolio courses. The first portfolio course involves self-assessment of your success in meeting competency requirements and personal learning goals. The second portfolio course includes critical discussions of transitioning into the workplace.

If applicable, you also complete the bulk of your thematic option courses in your last two years. If you are considering a thematic option, meet with an academic advisor as early in your program as possible, to ensure that you can complete the program in a timely fashion.


The UFV General Studies program is a stepping stone into many different careers, depending on the way in which you customize your program of study.

Common fields that many General Studies graduates pursue include: elementary education, government and administrative support, community programming and outreach, aviation (for students with a Thematic Option in Aviation), and business.



This program is open for international students


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