Awards and Scholarships 

UFV offers a number of awards specifically for History students. There is much variety! 

  • Some awards result from faculty nominations and do not require student applications.
  • Some awards are administered internally and require students to apply.
  • Other awards are administered externally, with application processes that fall outside of UFV. 

While we recognize that the semester gets busy and time gets tight, do consider applying for awards! Not only is it wonderful to receive a few accolades in recognition of your achievement and hard work, but awards are also great things to list on a resume.  If you have any questions about the awards administered by UFV, please contact the History department assistant at 604.557.4075. 

Faculty-Nominated Awards

The Jack Gaston Annual History Department Award is awarded to a graduating UFV history student who has shown a commitment to History as an academic discipline. The student must have achieved a high level of academic performance in the program, which includes a GPA of at least 3.0 in her/his History courses, a consistently high level of academic achievement in historical research and writing, and an interest in furthering her/his historical studies.

Award:  $100 and a book


          2014-15: David Seymour

          2013-14: Paul Brammer

          2012-13: Jordan Williams 

          2011-12: Adam Schilt

          2010-11: Tyler Klassen

          2009-10: Vanessa Ayley

          2008-09: Grace Rempel


The Bob Smith Annual History Department Award is awarded to a UFV history student who has made an obvious contribution to his/her History classes. The student must have demonstrated a curiosity about the world and a sense of historical imagination and creativity. The student must have a GPA of at least 3.0 in his/her History courses.

Award:  $100 and book.


          2014-15: Colin Nicholl     

          2013-14: Maryam Purtis

          2012-13: Kailey Erickson

          2011-12: Jordan Williams

          2010-11: Paul Esau

          2009-10: Paul Brammer


The Undergraduate Research Excellence Award, provided by the Office of Research Services at UFV, is awarded to a full-time History student(s) for excellence in research under the supervision of a UFV faculty member. The Award's Committee might also choose to award more than one student the prize, splitting the award money between them. In the case of a group project, the award can also be presented to a group of students who meet the eligibility criteria and be divided equally among them.

Award:  Up to $1000


          2013: Sean Evans

          2012: Michael Schmidt

          2011: Kelsey Siemens

          2010: Carley Baxter

          2009: Brandon Langhjelm

          2008: Anjuli Zukowski and James Inglis


The Dr. Michael and Edith Guggenheim Holocaust Memorial Annual Scholarship is awarded annually to a UFV student who has written an excellent paper during the current academic year on the topic of the Holocaust.

Award:  $540


         2015: Greg Watkins          

         2013: Joseph Waugh

Internal Awards: Student Application and/or Faculty Nomination

The Writing Centre holds an annual Writing Prize Competition recognizing outstanding writing across the curriculum. They typically award ten prizes, with awards spanning all years of study and disciplines. Student papers are typically nominated by faculty members, although students can also submit their own work to the Writing Centre for adjudication.

Award: $100

Application: Please see here for details and past recipients.


The Constance Barber Newby Memorial History Scholarship is awarded to a History student entering his/her third or fourth year. The recipient must have earned high marks in his/her studies in the the UFV History degree program and will have demonstrated the skills and attributes associated with an outstanding history scholar in the study of Canadian history. The Award's Committee will also consider financial need in making its decision.

Award: $300

Application: Application information is found at myUFV under "Student Information: Financial Aid". 


          2012: Matilda Tabert

          2011: Michael Schmidt

          2010: Christopher Bonshor

          2009: Tanya Pluhowy

          2008: Chelsea Auffray 

          2007: Sheryl Appleby

The Jan den Boesterd Memorial Scholarship is available to a UFV History major completing his/her third year of studies. Preference is given to students from the Fraser Valley who have a particular interest in either Canadian, British, or European History.

Award: $200

Application: Application information is found at myUFV under "Student Information: Financial Aid".

Due Date: May 10


          2012: Laura Born

          2011: Michael Schmidt

          2010: No recipient

          2009: Tyler Klassen

          2008: Ronald Hughes

          2007: Allison Kilgannon 


The Margaret Ormsby Prize is awarded to the best essay on any aspect of the History of British Columbia written for a credit course at UFV during the academic year. Submissions need to be at least 2000 words and should reflect either primary research and/or mastery of the secondary literature on the topic.

Award: $300

Application: Faculty-nominated or student-submitted (to History Dept.)

Due date: May 1  

External Awards and Scholarships 

The Burnaby Historical Society Scholarship is given annually by Dr. and Mrs. Blythe Eagles in honour of Evelyn Salisbury to a fourth year undergraduate student who is enrolled in a major or honours program that specializes in the history of British Columbia.

Award: $1000

Application: Candidates should apply in writing, outlining their studies to date, including a current academic transcript and letters of recommendations from two professors. Applications are to be submitted by 15 June to:

The Burnaby Historical Society Scholarship Committee,
6501 Dear Lake,
Burnaby, BC, V5G 3T6,
Tel: 604.293.6427.   


The Eugene A. Forsey Prize in Canadian Labour and Working Class History awards two annual prizes for the best undergraduate essays written in the past academic year on labour and/or working-class history.

Award: $250

Application: Please see here.  


The W. Kaye Lamb Essay Scholarship is awarded by the British Columbia Historical Federation. The federation awards two scholarships- one for a first- or second-year course and one for a third- or fourth-year course - annually for essays written by students at BC colleges or universities in British Columbia history.

Award: $750 for a first- or second-year paper (1,500-3,000 words) and $1000 for a third- or fourth-year paper (1,500-5,000 words).

Application: Please see here.

Due Date: May 15

The Michael Fellman Award is awarded by the SFU History Department and The Tyee. This award is given in honour of the late Michael Fellman and you can read an article announcing the award here. The winning submission will be publicly accessible and demonstrate bold thought, clear analysis, and historical understanding. 

Award: $1,000

Application: Send submissions (no more than 2,500 words) attached to an email addressed to editor@thetyee. Subject line should read: "Submission for Michael Fellman Award."

Due Date: November 1, 2013 







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