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Living Learning Community (LLC)

Advocates for Change - Living Learning Community

Be a part of a living and learning community that tackles issues of racism and diversity. Expect conversations that dig into the complex issues: race, equity, diversity, inclusion and identity. Move form conversation to action, as you learn together how to advocate for change at UFV and beyond.

As members of Advocates for Change community you will have the chance to make friends with fellow students who share a passion for anti-racism work. You will engage with speakers, local anti-racism organizations, and faculty experts to explore systemic racism with a focus on raising awareness and advocating for change.

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What to expect

Advocates for Change is a community where cultural diversity and difference are not only discussed and celebrated but critically examined. You will be expected to commit 2-3 hours weekly to participate in extracurricular programs and educational activities on and off campus. Explore and build your understanding of the complex issues we face in the world today. You will also take part in a service initiative that helps affect change.

The service initiative is where your ideas of how to make change will come into play. Some examples include:

  • Raising awareness on a social justice issue(s)
  • Hosting an event on campus
  • Leading a discussion or awareness campaign
  • Sitting in on important meetings to offer a student perspective
  • Sharing what you have learned with K-12 Students

Bi-monthly community meetings

The community will meet every second Sunday from 5-8 pm.

During these group meetings you will share a meal together, and participate in a workshop, presentation, activity and/or discussion circle lead by community experts and leaders, people with lived experiences and/or faculty members.

Program benefits:

  • Be part of an intentional community of changemakers
  • Connect and build friendships with like-minded peers
  • Have fun and make valuable memories
  • Build connections with faculty and experts outside of the classroom
  • Attend exclusive workshops and events on and off campus
  • Experience networking opportunities with students, community partners, campus groups, and more

Who is eligible

You are eligible if you:

  • are enrolled in courses for Fall 2022 and Winter 2023
  • have been accepted to live on campus
  • are interested and/or passionate about anti-racism work, social advocacy, issues around equity, diversity, inclusion

How to Apply

  • Apply for Housing
  • Fill out the Living Learning Community Application that is embedding in the the Housing application
  • Application deadline is May 31th, 2022

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost related to being a part of the community?

No cost, it is free. The community meals and all the supplies you need to be a member are covered by us.

Will my roommate be a part of this community as well?

There is a high chance that your roommate will be part of the community, however, under circumstances that the building is full, then you will be rooming with someone outside of the community.

How many people can join?

There will be up to 14 members as a part of the ACLLC.

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