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Manulife Vitality

As part of UFV’s Organizational Wellness Strategy, we are pleased to offer the Manulife Vitality program to all UFV employees with extended health care coverage.

Earn Rewards for Healthy Living ‌

Manulife Vitality gives you the tools you need to reach your personal health and wellness goals.

The Vitality app will:

  • Help you know more about your own health
  • Boost your motivation to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Reward you with points for meeting your physical activity targets. You can redeem these points for prizes and gift cards to retailers (Tim Horton's, Indigo, and more.)

Learn more about Vitality with the Vitality – interactive member brochureSee how to take full advantage of the Vitality program. The brochure includes information about new features, including discounts available through upon reaching Gold or Platinum status!!

How to enroll in Manulife Vitality


Joining the Manulife Vitality program is easy.

Learn more about the Manulife Vitality program

Check out the Vitality webpage for full information.

Join Manulife for a virtual plan member session about Manulife Vitality. Please register at Program links/Overall Registration to hold your spot!

See the Manulife Vitality FAQ page for employees.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact or our Compensation & Benefits Team at

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