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Check out the October 2014 issue of Teaching Matters newsletter from the UFV Teaching and Learning Centre for suggestions on indigenizing curriculum.

See Indigenizing the Curriculum: The Importance of Story and Indigenizing Teaching Education: An Action Research Project. Read Shirley Hardman's article, Afraid to Indigenize? to address fears around indigenizing your curriculum.

Promising Practices: President's Lecture Series

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S’iwes Toti:lt Q’ep — Teaching and Learning Together  Indigenizing the Academy Gathering at UFV August, 2012

Our website contains videos of the keynotes, reports, findings, discussions, requests for feedback from scholars and community. Please take a look and feel free to contribute to our very rich resource.

Strategic Planning Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education at UFV

Indigenizing Our Academy:

Download the working document in PDF format here.

‌In September of 2005, Aboriginal Access Services received Aboriginal Special Projects Funding from the Ministry of Advanced Education – Aboriginal Branch to work on the project Indigenizing our Academy to strategically plan post-secondary education for Aboriginal communities in traditional Sto:lo territory.  To begin the project, Mark Point was hired in October, 2005 to consult with the Aboriginal community within the UFV catchment.  Specifically he was talking to people about developing an Aboriginal Studies department, enhancing Aboriginal research capacity, boosting Aboriginal enrolment and improving retention and success of Aboriginal learners at UCFV.  In September of 2006 he submitted a four page report containing his findings to UFV’s Aboriginal Community Council. 

Subsequent to his work and more importantly, upon the recommendations stemming from Mr. Point’s findings, UFV Aboriginal Access Services, has worked closely with the Aboriginal Community Council Sub-Committee to develop plans and make recommendations for post-secondary education at and with the University of the Fraser Valley.  The resulting Working Document is an integral part of this continuation.  It is being circulated, as widely as possible, to Aboriginal leaders, Elders, community education staff and to Aboriginal educators to invite open discussion on the development and improvement of Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education Programs and Services with the University of the Fraser Valley.  This paper invites Aboriginal Elders, leaders, educators, and individuals to provide their ideas, criticisms and recommendations to the working committee through the use of this document. 

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