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School of Land Use and Environmental Change

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Geography — Bachelor of Arts

Gain a deeper understanding of our earth by earning a Bachelor of Arts with a major, minor, extended minor, or honours in geography. Areas of study include Geography, Environmental Science concentration, Global Studies concentration and Urban Studies and Planning concentration.  

Physical Geography — Bachelor of Science

Learn to address environmental issues that you are passionate about and leave your mark on the world with a major, minor, or honours in physical geography.

Environmental Studies — bachelor's degree

UFV’s interdisciplinary Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) provides you with the skills and knowledge to pursue environmental careers in a variety of settings, including agriculture and food security, climate change, land use planning/GIS, and environmental communications.

Environmental Studies (Natural Sciences) — bachelor's degree

UFV’s interdisciplinary Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) (Natural Sciences) specialization provides the integrative skills and knowledge of the BES degree, with additional natural sciences field and lab work. The skills you gain will broaden your career options, allowing you to pursue jobs in environmental science as well as additional professional accreditations.

Geographic Information Systems — certificate

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is rapidly becoming ubiquitous and at the same time increasingly complex. This 31-credit GIS Certificate provides you with the opportunity to enhance your abilities and credentials to work with geospatial data and technologies.

Indigenous Maps, Films, Rights, and Land Claims — certificate

This intensive four-week, twelve-credit certificate offers you the opportunity to learn a range of conceptual and practical skills relevant to the history, communication, implementation, and critique of rights, title, and land claims.

Melissa Koyanagi2

My most valuable experience was certainly the AIG to BC's Interior that I had the pleasure of completing with my peers under the guidance of Gary Fehr and Olav Lian. This experience was in-depth, interesting and relevant to my previous studies in a wide range of subject areas, including postglacial and paraglacial processes, First Nations affairs in BC and BC's evolving economy. I sincerely enjoyed this learning experience and it was the perfect way to cap off my undergraduate studies at UFV.

  • – Melissa Koyanagi
  •    BA with double extended minors in Geography and Psychology

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