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Ultra experience - instructors

Intro to Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience

Five things instructor love about the Ultra interface


It looks great

With a modern, easy to use, mobile-first view into Blackboard Learn, Base Navigation is more enjoyable to use and works well on all devices.


Saves time

By surfacing information from all courses and organizations in one place, Base Navigation reduces the number of clicks it takes to get in, get it done, and move on with life.


Aggregates your important info

All your course and organization information – like calendar, messages and grades – is now consolidated into one global view, minimizing the time spent navigating into each individual course. 


Performance insights

With the actionable analytics surfaced through Base Navigation, you’ll be able to identify at-risk students and take immediate action with just a few clicks.


The course environment stays the same

Base Navigation offers the benefit of more effective navigation without changing your courses' look, feel or functionality. You will have the option to pilot the Ultra Course view. Please contact ITS (link?) to learn more.


Upgrades are coming soon


Ultra Base navigation




Ultra navigation how-tos


Ultra course experience

Your MyClass courses will switch from the Original view to the Ultra experience in the TBA.


Resources coming soon


Preview the Ultra Experience

The new Ultra navigation will have the same user interface as the Blackboard Learn mobile app. Downloading the app is a great way to get a headstart on the new MyClass features.

Available on Android & iOS

UFV mobile on Android app store UFV Mobile App on Apple App Store‌‌ 

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