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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions we get asked by our editors.

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We recommend using Firefox or Chrome to edit pages in myWeb.

Please keep the version of your internet browser up to date.

Allow pop-ups in your browser.

How to expire content (make content Inactive), but not have it deleted

When a piece of content is set to expire, it is not deleted from the website. Although the content is no longer updated, it is still active within the system, but no longer viewed by the world.

To set an expiry date, go to modify your content. Select the Options tab. In the Expiry Date field, select a date, and use the sliders at the bottom of the calendar to set a time. The expiry date must be in the future--even two minutes in the future is sufficient. When viewing your content in the content listings, it will be marked as Expired.

How to un-expire your content and make it active again

If you currently have content marked as expired and you want to reactivate it and use it again, find the content, click on Modify, OK to the message; Update & Approve.

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To access the T4 login page, open Firefox and go to

If you are a UFV employee, you can log in with the same username and password that you use to access the UFV computer network.

If you are are NOT a full-time employee, the Marketing web team will email you a username and password.  In addition to entering your username and password, click the Advanced link and from the pulldown menu, choose Site Manager (Local Login).

The subsections tab allows you to reorder and control in which order the sections appear.

  1. Go to Site Structure.
  2. Click on the section you want to modify or use the yellow drop-down menu and choose Modify Section.
  3. Click on the Subsections tab.
  4. Use the single arrows to move a section up or down one step at a time.
  5. Use the double arrows to move a section to the very top or very bottom of the list.
  6. If you want the system to reorder your sections automatically, first select the Enabled check box (this removes the check mark).
    1. A-Z
    2. Z-A
    3. Last Updated (Recent First)
    4. Last Update (Recent Last)
  7. When using automatic ordering, use can also use the Lock to lock a section in place while reordering the other sections.
  8. Remember: Save Changes before leaving the page.

Choose 'Update & Approve' to send your content into the queue for publishing.

  • Choosing only Update will not push your changes into the queue for the next publish cycle.

You may need to wait.

  • T4 publishes all updated and approved content every hour on the half hour (i.e. 1:30, 2:30, etc) and takes about 20 to 30 minutes to finish.

You may need to refresh your browser.

  • Use Ctrl+F5 on your keyboard to clear your browser's cache.
  • Also, trying to viewing your updates on another workstation or in a different browser.

Please make sure you are looking at the correct page. 

  • With the migration, there have been some changes to the names of the pages (sections): Dashes are now included in the page names and some editors are changing their URLs. If you have originally bookmarked your pages the bookmarks may now be outdated. Try and go to the live UFV website and use the menus to navigate to the page with your changes.


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