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International Nursing Experiences

Seirra Leone, West Africa Study Tour

Do you want to make a difference in global health while taking part in an international educational experience?

Gain insight into global health issues and make international connections with NURS 491 D (International Nursing). The course aims to provide student nurses with the opportunity to be well educated and socially informed global citizens. 

The course will comprise a short theory component on global health followed by a two-week clinical experience in a low-income country. This is a three-credit elective course. 

Nursing students will have the opportunity to work with a disparate population and experience firsthand healthcare delivery in a government funded or private hospital, community clinic and health centre. Students will also have the opportunity to engage and work with local nursing students, university and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). 

Applications are currently being accepted for May 2019 study tour. 

NURS 491D International Nursing Application Form

NURS 491D International Nursing Information

Eligibility & Pre-Requisite

  • Enrolled and completed the 2nd year of the BSN program
  • Enrolled in the 491D course
  • Consistent satisfactory practice in all areas on midterm and final clinical evaluations
  • Exemplary attendance record in the nursing practice course
  • No records of unprofessional conduct
  • Proof of current CPR

Need more information?

Application deadline is Mon, Nov 5, 2018. For more information or inquiries, contact Catherine Liao.

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