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Peace and Reconciliation Centre

Digital Storytelling Student Scholarship

The Digital Storytelling Scholarship is designed to bring UFV students and non-academic knowledge keepers (broadly conceived) together to share, record, and communicate digital stories so that these stories and the life experience they represent will be accessible to others into the future. This student scholarship is premised on the idea that data and information are distinct from wisdom and lived experience, and that the latter deserve to be respected and preserved for the benefit of humanity. This scholarship recognized the value of having youth engage in conversations with elders, knowledge keepers, and others with deep and varied life experiences, so that knowledge and wisdom are not merely recorded for posterity, but are shared through intergenerational conversation.

  • Term: 1 semester
  • Value: $400 (of which $300 is for the student and $100 is for the interviewee); access to recording equipment; shared office/creative space in the Collaboratorium at the Chilliwack Campus
  • Deadline: Ongoing; applications will be accepted and adjudicated until funding has been exhausted.


UFV Students.


  • The successful UFV student applicant will complete the Tri-council online training in Behavioural Ethics (approximately three hours) and also participate in a short oral history interview training workshop (provided through the Collaboratorium).
  • Once the training is completed the successful candidate will conduct and record an interview with a willing participant.

Application process

A maximum one-page cover letter where the student applicant explains why they wish to participate in the digital storytelling project, who they hope to interview (an interviewee need not be formally secured as a participant at this stage), and how this interview relates to the theme of Peace and Reconciliation.

Adjudication criteria

The Adjudication Committee will be guided by a desire to select a student with qualifications or experience to complete the project, and with ensuring that the proposed interview contributes to the broad goal of documenting and/or promoting peace and reconciliation among and between people, organizations, and nations.

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