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Become a mindfulness specialist

Become a mindfulness specialist

Integrate mindfulness into your professional practice to help improve the lives of others.

Mindfulness-based programs have the transformative power to improve general health because they promote positive outcomes such as stress reduction, improved attention and focus, and recovery.

UFV’s graduate certificate in Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning (MBTL) is the only for-credit program in North America with a focus on sound research and practices in mindfulness-based teaching and learning.

UFV’s Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning certificate helps you design mindfulness programs based on research and best practices for sectors such as health, education, criminology, psychology, social work, military, and more. Or, if you already teach mindfulness to clients or peers, the UFV Mindfulness-based Teaching and Learning program enables you to deepen your professional networks and assume a leadership role in your profession.

Schedule your certificate around your work schedule with interactive online courses supplemented by some face-to-face learning sessions. Distance learners can participate by using conferencing tools. Field experience enables you to implement a mindfulness-based program under the supervision of a qualified mindfulness mentor.

Career Outlook for Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning

Earning a certificate in Mindfulness-based Teaching and Learning prepares you to acquire a professional specialization that involves helping people enhance their well-being, cope with stress, or manage chronic illness. Become a trainer in your own field or industry and promote health and well-being among employees and clients through a mindfulness-based practice.

Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning is a valuable specialization to add to your résumé to demonstrate that you have the skills and credentials to promote evidence-based health promotion and well-being among both clients, students, or colleagues.

The program provides pathways to certification as a MBSR or MBCT facilitator. Successful completion of the MBTL program is also a pathway into graduate programs, or, for learners already enrolled in such a program, an attractive area of specialization.