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Donna Tafreshi

Donna Tafreshi

Assistant Professor


Abbotsford campus, B370

Phone: 604-504-7441, ext. 5518

email Donna


PhD, Historical, Quantitative, & Theoretical Psychology, SFU

MA, Developmental Psychology, SFU

Teaching Interests

Donna’s teaching interests include statistics for psychology, social science research methods (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed), psychometrics, measurement theory, history and philosophy of psychology, and infant/child development.

Research Interests

Donna’s primary area of research involves the critical analysis of methodological, statistical, and psychometric concepts, their historical and current uses in psychological inquiry, and the philosophical assumptions underlying those uses. She has written on various methodological topics including measurement (quantification), null hypothesis testing, statistical error, meta-analysis, conceptual analysis, and the role of qualitative research in psychology. She is particularly interested in questions pertaining to the foundations of psychology (as a subject and as a discipline) and the philosophy of science.

Donna also has a background in developmental psychology with an emphasis on linguistic and epistemological development. Her empirical work in this area has focused on examining the social complexities of development and the role of parent-child relationships. Her conceptual work focuses on analysis of  psychological concepts germane to this area of inquiry such as "belief," "judgement," "morality," and "expectation."

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