Faculty Members

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Wayne Podrouzek -  Department Head
(604) 504-7441 Ext: 4206
Abbotsford D3006
Teaching and Research Interests: 
Rapid Serial Visual Presentation Paradigm (Memory and Perception); The Fate of the Unattended; Efficacy of Neuropsychological Assessments; Use of MMPI to identify the likelihood of abuse in relationships.


Zoe Dennison
604) 504-7441 Ext: 2438
Chilliwack A3464
Teaching and Research Interests: 
Understanding the relationship between brain function and behaviour, in particular what can be learned from the damaged brain (neuropsychology), and the effect of drugs on brain and behaviour. Teaches courses and conducts research in psycholinguistics, assessment, and gender studies.


Lesley Jessiman
(604)504-7441 ext 4328
Abbotsford B370
Teaching and Research Interests:
Development, Adulthood and Aging and specializing in Parkinson's Disease


Patricia Ackland (on leave)
(604) 504-7441 Ext: 2537
Chilliwack A3457
Teaching and Research Interests: 
Statistics, research methods, temperament and emotional development, childhood disorders, the development of pro-social and anti-social behaviour, and family systems.


Andrea Hughes
(604) 504-7441 Ext. 4194
Abbotsford B370
Teaching and Research Interests: 
Cognition, Memory and Cognitive Aging; The role of inhibition in memory and attentional processes; Memory failures and False memories; Unitary Memory Theory 

Rhonda Snow
(604) 504-7441 Ext: 4061
Abbotsford D3071
Teaching and Research Interests:
Child Psychology, Adolescent Development,  Adulthood and Aging, and Lifespan Human Development. Also teach in the area of  Developmental Disorders, Social Psychology; History of Psychology, and Research Methods. Research interests in the social and moral development of children. Specifically, the development of empathy and the self-serving bias during childhood. Current research project involves the role of personality factors in relation to academic performance in  various contexts.

Kim Striebel
(604) 504-7441 Ext: 4373 
Abbotsford D3067
Teaching and Research Interests: 
Psychopathology:  mental illness generally - schizophrenia and related psychotic illness specifically Perception:  olfaction (smell) Research methodology in the area of psychology generally.

Candace Taylor
(604) 504-7441 Ext: 4349
Abbotsford B342
Teaching Interests:
Personality (theory, assessment & research); Introductory; Evolutionary; History; Behaviour Disorders.
Research Interests:
Normal Narcissism; test construction & validation; self-disclosure & attraction; mate attraction and selection strategies.


Robin White
(604) 504-7441 Ext: 4316
Abbotsford D3065
Teaching and Research Interests:
Organizational psychology, work relationships, mentoring, social psychology, health psychology, statistics, survey research methods, and applied psychology.

Brooke Seal
(604) 504-7441 Ext 4304
Abbotsford D3069
Teaching and Research Interests:
Dr. Seal received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.  Her teaching interests include clinical psychology, psychological interventions, abnormal psychology, dialectical behaivour therapy, health psychology, psychological assessment, history of psychology, introduction to psychology, and human sexuality.
Dr. Seal's research interests include the impact of cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness on sexual difficulties, the role of self-awareness in sexual functioning, and the relationship between body image and sexuality.


Sven van de Wetering
(604) 504-7441 ext. 4457
Abbotsford D3075
Teaching Interests:
Social psychology, history of psychology, political psychology, environmental psychology, psychology of language, evolutionary psychology, cultural psychology, social cognition
Research Interests:
Conservation psychology, lay conceptions of evil, relationships between personality variables and political attitudes.



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