Human Research Ethics Board

Terms of Reference

The information below is taken from UFV Policy 54 Human Research Ethics.

B. Human Research Ethics Board (HREB)

Ensuring the ethical principles are applied to research involving human participants is the responsibility of the UFV Human Research Ethics Board.

The HREB has two primary roles - educative and review. In its educative role, the HREB serves the UFV research community as a consultative body and thus, contributes to education and understanding of research ethics. In its review role, the HREB has the responsibility for independent, multidisciplinary review of the ethics of research to determine whether the research should be permitted to start or to continue.

The HREB is considered a delegation of the President’s Office at UFV. The President has the authority to dismiss or appoint HREB members at his or her pleasure. The Board has the authority to approve, reject, propose modifications to, or terminate all proposed or ongoing research involving humans within the institution’s jurisdiction based on the ethical considerations as set forth in the Policy.

B(1) – Authority of the HREB

Article 1.2

a.  For research involving human participants, UFV mandates the HREB to approve, reject, propose modifications to, or terminate any proposed or ongoing research involving human participants which is conducted within, or by members of, the institution, using the considerations set forth in the HREB Terms of Reference.

b.  Department Research Ethics Committees (DRECs) will conduct ethics reviews of research that is carried out by their undergraduate students as part of their course work, as outlined in 1.6c below and the DREC Terms of Reference, and will comply with this policy.

UFV has set criteria for determining which categories of research proposal are suitable for consideration through this means, and established such procedural issues as to who will be responsible for implementing and overseeing the approval mechanisms. As with other levels of review, proper accountability demands appropriate record keeping. Each research proposal and records of the decision will be sent to the Chair of the HREB who will provide a Certificate of Approval. Only the Chair of the HREB has the authority to sign Certificates of Approval. In cases where the Chair is the researcher, the Vice-Chair may be given the authority to sign the Certificate of Approval. In cases where the Chair or Vice-Chair is unavailable in person, but has given approval, a pdf signature may be used.

Departmental level review should not be used for research in which an undergraduate student is carrying out research that is part of a faculty member's own research program. Such research should be reviewed by UFV’s regular institutional HREB procedures.

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