Research Chairs at UFV

The University of the Fraser Valley is excited to hold 3 Canada Research Chairs, and a UFV BC Regional Innovation Chair.

Dr. Hugh Brody, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Studies

Dr. Cindy Jardine, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Health and Community

Dr. Lenore Newman, Tier 2 Canada Research Chair, in Food Security and the Environment

Dr. Jon Thomas, UFV BC Regional Innovation Chair in Canada-India Partnership Development

Dr. Cindy Jardine

Canada Research Chair in Health and Community











Dr. Cindy Jardine

UFV is excited to welcome Dr. Cindy Jardine as its newest Canada Research Chair. Dr. Jardine's research interests are in the multi-disciplinary area of environmental health risk communication. Specifically, her research looks at means and impediments to promoting better dialogue between stakeholders that will hopefully lead to more informed decisions on risks. This involves looking at the role of risk communication as a part of a comprehensive risk management strategy, including incorporating public perspectives into risk decision making. Knowledge translation and knowledge exchange are key considerations.

Much of Dr. Jardine's work is done as participatory research with Indigenous communities in northern Canada and elsewhere to better understand their risk perspectives and risk communication needs. All of her research is based on the concepts of engaged scholarship, using partnerships with both decision-makers and community members to ensure that all forms of knowledge are known, understood and incorporated into risk decision-making.

As Dr. Jardine explains, "My research program as a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair will focus on health risk communication with vulnerable and/or marginalized communities and populations. This will include an exploration of health concerns and different risk perspectives with communities to identify health risk issues and develop appropriate interventions, and fostering 'participatory risk communication' whereby risk messages and communication processes are developed and conveyed by community members. It will be based on an overarching goal to share knowledge amongst different affected parties (communities, organizations and government) and to empower people to make informed decisions on risks. The research will initially build on my current research program and funding proposals on Indigenous youth as agents of change for community health promotion and risk communication needs of immigrant populations, while seeking to develop new partnerships and relationships with the local Indigenous Sto:lo peoples and the other demographically and culturally diverse populations of the Fraser Valley. The research will embody the fundamental principles of community based participatory research, action research and Indigenous research methodology, using an asset or strength based perspective."

Dr. Jardine's multi-disciplinary education background enhances her ability to research multiple aspects of an issue. Cindy holds a PhD in Medical Sciences (Public Health Sciences) from the University of Alberta, a Masters of Science/Engineering from the University of Alberta, and a Bachelor's of Science, Honours, from the University of Manitoba. 


Dr. Lenore Newman

Canada Research Chair in Food Security & the Environment

Dr. Lenore Newman

Dr. Newman led the establishment of the Agriurban Research Centre at UFV, which is dedicated to the study of landscapes on the edge of major urban areas, with a focus on creating thriving agricultural regions within cities.Dr. Lenore Newman was recently renewed as UFV's Canada Research Chair in Food Security and Environment. Since accepting the role of Canada Research Chair back in 2011, Lenore has been busy building a core of research activity focused on food security and agricultural issues.

Lenore was awarded the UFV Research Excellence Award in 2015. UFV's Agriculture Centre for Excellence Director, Dr. Garry Fehr, shared how Lenore has the "ability to integrate complex theoretical concepts with contentious social issues of land development, food security, and food culture in ways that resonate with academia, local communities, industry, policy makers, non-governmental organizations and students". 

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  Dr. Hugh Brody

Dr. Hugh Brody

Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Studies

UFV's commitment to fostering research related to Aboriginal topics received a huge boost when the university was awarded a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Studies by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).  The award allows UFV to build on existing interdisciplinary collaboration in various aspects of Aboriginal studies involving the departments of history, geography, anthropology, sociology, criminal justice, visual arts, and social work.

Professor Hugh Brody is leading an ambitious program of research on the role played by Aboriginal youth in the development of their communities. Brody's work in Aboriginal communities is helping to teach a new generation to do research for themselves and their communities - helping them to tell their own stories.

Brody's research includes a number of multidisciplinary and multimedia projects, including one with young Aboriginal people in the Fraser Valley. The work seeks to better understand how young men and women in Sto:lo communities define the value of their lives. As a comparative anthropologist, Hugh Brody's work has taken him around the globe. He has studied land use issues related to the Hai-kom Bushmen in Namibia, Africa; researched the economic impact of hydro projects on the Nez Perce Tribe in Idaho, and examined the social, economic and cultural losses due to resettlement of tribal communities in India. Read more

Dr. Jon Thomas

UFV BC Regional Innovation Chair in Canada-India Partnership Development


UFV is excited to welcome Dr. Jon Thomas as the BC Regional Innovation Chair in Canada-India Partnership Development at UFV. Dr. Thomas will work on fostering innovation and economic development throughout the Fraser Valley over the next 5 years as Chair. He has extensive international research experience from both India and Canada. Most recently, Jon was working on post-doctoral research at Simon Fraser University. Prior to that, Jon received his PhD in technology management and strategy from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, focusing on science-based entrepreneurship and how to help scientists transform their ideas into businesses that have the potential for long-term societal impact.

Jon's research interests include science and technology commercialization and innovation policy in the biotechnology, healthcare, and clean tech sectors. He lives in the Lower Mainland with his wife and young son. 



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