S‌tudent Research Day 2018

Students brought their learning to life on Thursday, April 5 at the annual Student Research Day event hosted by the Research, Engagement and Graduate Studies department.

The event included a two-minute micro-lecture challenge, where students shared the results of their research in a fast-pace format, followed by a poster fair and research awards.

Asking questions, gathering and analysing data, and drawing conclusions gives students the skills to dig for answers, make connections to their learning, and be autonomous.  Research is often something undergraduates learn about, but don’t regularly get to participate in doing. At UFV, a relatively high number of research opportunities and support exist for undergraduate students.

Engagement in research in the undergraduate years is not only helpful for students who wish to pursue graduate studies. Experience conducting and disseminating research can help students obtain awards, scholarships, and skills for the work force.

Poster Presentations Photos

Microlectures Photos. Microlecture Video.

SRD 2018 - Prize Winners

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President's Award winner, Taylor Boyd, Biology

AVP, Research, Engagement & Graduate Studies Award winner, Grant Morley, Criminology

AVP, Research, Engagement & Graduate Studies Award winner, Erin Hryhoriw, Kinesiology

AVP, Research, Engagement & Graduate Studies Award winner, Rebecca Robertson, Mathematics & Statistics

Vice President Students Award winner, Travis Gingerich, Geography

Dean, College of Arts - Social Sciences Award winner, Emma Josephson, Psychology

Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences Award winner, Mia Harries, Kinesiology

Dean, Faculty of Science Award winner, Vivienne Beard, Biology

Dean, Faculty of Professional Studies Award winners Alex Terhart and Tanner Timmer, School of Business

Photos not available for the following award recipients:

Provost & Vice President, Academic Award winner - Veronica Draayers, Psychology

Vice Provost and Associate Vice-President, Academic Award winner - Jessica Barclay, Biology

Dean, College of Arts Award winner, Michael McCarthy, Communications

Dean, Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies Award winners, Walter Dekker, Ryan Keeping, Natalie Hoogeveen, Nelliese Klop, Stephanie Berkhout and Lyndon Krikke.

ESCrops Ltd. Agriculture Award winners, Landon van Dop, Chris Knezetic, Maxwell Findlay and Connor Nyberg.

AVP, Research, Engagement & Graduate Studies Award winner, Gurinder Dhadda, Chemistry

AVP, Research, Engagement & Graduate Studies Award winners, Lindong Zhang, Brady Lawlor, Colby Fleming, Mitchell Trainor and Hardeep Singh.

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